Seepje is 100% natural and fair trade detergent from Nepal. They use the Sapindus mukorossi-fruit super peel which gives a natural form of soap in contact with water.

Seepje’s missions is to make the world cleaner and more beautiful! Seepje is a social enterprise. When you wash your clothes with Seepje they take of the conservation of nature in Nepal. They also there improve the working and living conditions. The company works together with Siza, a organization which provides work to people with mental and/or physical disabilities. The people who work there, called the “waskanjers” or “washing heroes” have an important role in the production of Seepje.

I interviewed Jasper, one of the co-founders about how the idea for Seepje was born, what they are doing and asked him about his vision on sustainability.

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NOTE: The audio in this video is not perfect. I’m still learning every day and this won’t happen again.]