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Inspiring speaker on Sustainability: Wiebe Wakker

In 2016, I embarked on a crazy journey: driving from the Netherlands to Australia with no money, in an electric car with only 200km of range. 🤯

Spoiler alert: I reached my final destination Sydney after 1,119 days, 33 countries and 95,000 kilometres. Along the way, I transformed from an opportunistic adventurer into a conscious global citizen with a sustainable mindset.

I would love to come and tell this story as a sustainability speaker at your event.

What is my presentation on sustainability about?

The common thread of my lecture is, of course, my journey. Thus, the story has a clear beginning and end point, with enough setbacks and twists to keep everyone captivated until the end. A mix of inspiration, impact and humour.

With my experiences, I illustrate the importance of sustainable choices, both in our personal and professional lives. In doing so, I consciously draw parallels with challenges within organisations. For example, the importance of perseverance. And above all: collaboration.

My lecture is about sustainability and trust. But absolutely also about overcoming personal fears and believing in yourself – and others. Because on my own I would never have made it. I was nowhere without the help and energy of countless people I met along the way. My story is just as much their story.

In short: I tell a story that not only entertains the audience, but also makes them feel positive and motivates them to take action for a more sustainable world.

Wiebe Wakker in a bee keeper outfit next to a bee-keeper and in front of his electric car
Speaker Wiebe Wakker on a stage in front of a big screen

What a great story and presentation!

“Wiebe told us how he crossed through 34 countries in an electric car and did so without financial means. His journey was not an easy one, one with many obstacles and challenges. In an energetic and funny way, he told his story. In particular, his message on sustainability came across powerfully, a theme we work on every day within our organisation.

Wiebe met many people and was able to express his goal of his journey well with the people he met, through this he was able to inspire and convince many people to think more about the topic of sustainability.”

Marc Vermeer Rijkswaterstaat

What a great story and presentation!

“Wiebe told us how he crossed through 34 countries in an electric car and did so without financial means. His journey was not an easy one, one with many obstacles and challenges. In an energetic and funny way, he told his story. In particular, his message on sustainability came across powerfully, a theme we work on every day within our organisation.

Wiebe met many people and was able to express his goal of his journey well with the people he met, through this he was able to inspire and convince many people to think more about the topic of sustainability.”

Marc Vermeer Rijkswaterstaat

My journey from adventurer to sustainability speaker

The aim of my perilous venture was to demonstrate that sustainable mobility is the future. But quite honestly? After my studies, I saw it mainly as an opportunity to escape bourgeois life. Actually, I just wanted to go on an adventure, even though I had no money.

Once in Sydney, that Wiebe no longer existed. How could it be otherwise: along the way, I saw what we were doing to the world. I got help from countless wild strangers, who energised me literally and figuratively. And I had to face myself and my motivations several times.

Thus, I increasingly believed in my own mission to convince as many people as possible of the importance of sustainability. A mission in which I appeared to succeed: during my journey, I managed to inspire many people to do their own bit.

This inner journey is also discussed in detail during my lecture.

What an incredibly powerful story!
Our people at Coca-Cola were very enthusiastic and inspired by Wiebe’s story. Great insights and so down to earth. Everyone should hear this once.

Brenda van der Sanden


5 reasons to book me as a speaker on sustainability

A more lived story than mine is hard to come by, and you will hear it.

Thanks to my travels, I also know how to enliven my lecture with photos and videos.

I am now a practised speaker, who, as an expert by experience, challenges others to a more sustainable lifestyle and sustainable business.

Upon request, I link my story to specific challenges in your organisation.

This makes my message even more concrete and relevant for the audience.

It is now also possible to do my presentation online. Without losing too much liveliness, by the way.

I am available immediately to deliver impactful presentations both live and online.

Inspiring and enthusiastic speaker

Wiebe is an inspiring and enthusiastic speaker! The same week he finished his world tour in an electric car, he took the time to come to the LinkedIn office in Sydney to tell his story. He inspired many of my colleagues about the possibilities of EVs! I would highly recommend Wiebe as a speaker.

Huub Peeperkorn – LinkedIn

Speaker Wiebe Wakker on a stage presentation to a big audience

What my story already triggered worldwide

During my journey and lectures, I reached millions of people. My message was covered in many media: my story has been told in more than 2,000 articles, 150 radio interviews, 100 and newspaper articles and more than 50 TV appearances.

I also managed to inspire many followers through social media. There, I shared my visits to many sustainable initiatives. As well as interviews with organisations about their environmental challenges. And finally, all kinds of innovative regional solutions to tackle the climate problem.

Wowwww Dortmund is nuts!! 🦁 🇳🇱 

#nedeng #euro2024 @onsoranje
I’m still buzzing from last week! The @bmwgroup invited me to London for their exclusive RadHub event, bringing experts from various industries together. The focus was on how to make the world more liveable for future generations, featuring thought-provoking talks from inspiring speakers. 

Some key takeaways:
- Disability is articulated as a struggle, an unnecessary burden that one must overcome to the soundtrack of a string crescendo. (Sinead Burke) 
- To sustain our standard of living, significant changes are necessary. (Vanessa O’Brien)
- As an optimist, it’s crucial to confront pessimistic data with a proactive mindset. (Vanessa O’Brien)

In workshops, we created scenarios on how life could look by 2050, had a cooking class with @maxlamanna and had the opportunity to meet this diverse group of people making the event complete. I’m still trying to figure out how BMW thought I would fit in with such bright minds though ;)

#BMW #BMWGroup #RadHub #LondonClimateActionWeek

📸 @harbinson.uk
Beers, bratwurst, banter and a point against the French. Top day in Leipzig. 

Ever fancied a holiday where the only upgrade is a camel for company? I rode the Sahara Express, 17 hours on top of an iron ore train straight through the desert. 

#TrainTravel #ironoretrain #travel #Mauritania #GoOneStopFurther
I had the honour of being the keynote speaker at Infoland’s 25th anniversary event. The theme was “One step further together” which of course resonates very well with my journey.

The challenge I once set myself to travel alone and without money to the other side of the world taught me that cooperation is not only valuable, but essential.

And my partner in crime the Blue Bandit in which I made the trip also stole the spotlights again. A very successful day full of inspiration and connection.

📸 @christclijsen 

#speaker #spreker #inspirerendespreker #infoland
One of my favourite moments from my trip. When I was walking through Terjit Oasis this girl came to me and posed for me like she was on the cover of Vogue for some minutes with her made shift toy. In the background, her little brother was giving me the ‘I’ve got my eye on you’ look. Can’t blame him, I wouldn’t trust a comedian with a camera either.

#Terjit #TerjitOasis #Mauritania
Just got back last night from my latest no-fly travel adventure, and what a ride it’s been! I had a lot of fun sharing my journey with you and was surprised by all the reactions I received. It’s still hard to believe that so many people are interested in following someone sitting on a train. Although this time it was literally sitting ON a train. Maybe that made all the difference. 

Anyway, it was again an incredible journey with a low footprint. I try to make one every year to demonstrate how trains and buses are not just eco-friendly but also perfect for reaching exotic destinations in a surprisingly short amount of time. Already brainstorming the next ridiculous adventure to share. Suggestions welcome, but remember, I only travel by land. It’s not a principle, I just don’t like airport security ;)

Thank you @interraileu for bringing me to and back from Africa! It all went super smooth. 

Now I’m home and preparing for a new season of presentations. I speak about my adventures and link them to themes within organisations such as collaboration, sustainability and achieving goals. Because if riding an iron ore train doesn’t scream ‘goal achievement,’ I don’t know what does.

Curious about my adventures and talks? Send me a DM.

#interrail #goonestopfurther
Posting some photos of Nouakchott I couldnt share earlier.  It’s been a while since I left Mauritania and looking back on it I realize how much the experience surprised me.
Honestly, before my visit, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. I heard it could be a tough place to travel and in some ways, it was. But it turned out to be one of the most rewarding parts of my journey. Despite most countries advising against travelling there, I never felt unsafe.

The accommodations, transport and other facilities are pretty basic. But this simplicity means you’re not constantly bombarded by salespeople pushing watches or dragging you into tourist trap restaurants. Instead, you get a place that’s very authentic.

The people in Mauritania are some of the friendliest I’ve encountered. They’re always ready to lend a hand, even if we couldn’t always communicate English. This raw, genuine hospitality made my stay unforgettable.
Mauritania offered an experience that was real and unfiltered, making it one of my favourite countries to explore. Sometimes the most unassuming places can leave the biggest impact.

#mauritania @visit.mauritania @visit_mauritania_ @timeformauritania
Just survived a travel marathon that makes ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ look like peanuts. First a 9 hour taxi border crossing ride from Nouadhibou to Dakhla. Had some time to get a Tajin in and onto a 24 hour bus ride to Marrakech, because who needs comfort when you can have character-building experiences?

Took a train, caught a ferry, and finally landed in Marbella. My reward? A stay at @nobumarbella who were so kind to host me. They welcomed me with a 7-course meal, because after eating road trip snacks, my stomach clearly needed a shock to the system. Managed to sleep for 8 whole hours. I know, I was as surprised as you are. 

Spent today lounging by the pool, pretending I’m a normal holidaymaker and not a travel-weary nomad. Just the kind of ‘hard work’ I excel at. Now, I’m on a train again, because apparently, I haven’t had enough of them. Home tomorrow, where my biggest adventure will be unpacking.

#nobu #nobumarbella #marbella #spain
The moment I got off the Mauritanian Iron Ore train and the aftermath. I look like I’ve been tarred and feathered, but with iron ore, a new look I’m calling ‘industrial chic.’ Exhausted? Absolutely. Dirty? Definitely. Happy? Weirdly, yes. I wish the ride was longer though. Out of 17 hours, only 4.5 were in daylight. It’s like buying a ticket to a blockbuster movie and then watching most of it with your eyes closed.

Three days later, and I’m still finding iron ore in my backpack. I thought I was carrying memories, turns out it was just dirt. But hey, at least now I have a valid excuse for why I’m leaving a mess everywhere I go.

#ironoretrain #ironoretrainmauritania #zouerat #nouadhibou #mauritania

Wiebe recently told his crazy story at the City of Amsterdam’s Department of Space and Sustainability.

It is a book for boys full of adventure and challenges that seem insurmountable. With just the pictures you would already captivate the audience, but during your story you discuss topics such as sustainability, cooperation and dealing with adversity.

My colleagues left the meeting inspired. Highly recommended!

Tom GrootCity of Amsterdam

My sustainable message has reached all corners of the world. Is your organisation next?

Speaker Wiebe Wakker on a big stage with a big screen

“Can’t you give another little hint?”

Ah, well then. During my lecture, you will hear, among other things:

  • ..how I became the Forrest Gump of sustainable mobility

  • …why Ukraine had numerous charging points as early as 2016

  • …how I convinced a sheikh to buy a Tesla

  • …which was the only country where I got no help from the locals

  • …how I got to visit ministers and royal families

  • …how I was living the life of Riley for three months in Dubai

  • …and much, much more.

Frequently asked questions for a speaker on sustainability

What do you cost as a speaker on sustainability?2024-03-15T22:42:44+01:00

My within Netherlands rates are as follows:

Lecture on location (25 to 60 minutes, including preparation, travel expenses, travel time and preliminary discussion):
For commercial organisations: from €3,000.
For education, foundations and associations: from €1,500.
Presentations outside the Netherlands: rates on request.
Online lecture: € 3.000,-

What topics will be covered during your presentation on sustainability?2024-03-15T22:57:32+01:00

Sustainability is of course at the centre. But the following topics are also highlighted:

  • Inspiration
  • Perseverance
  • Dealing with change and uncertainty
  • Dealing with setbacks
  • Achieving goals
  • Challenging people out of their comfort zone
  • Breaking down resistance to electric driving / inspiring people to drive electric
Are you immediately available?2024-03-16T14:43:43+01:00

Yes, I can be booked immediately. After your request, I will contact you as soon as possible. I will then let you know if I am available on the date of your event.

I still have questions before requesting a lecture. Is that possible?2024-03-16T14:43:33+01:00

Yes, you can. Send a message via the Contact page. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Speaker Wiebe Wakker on stage in front of a screen showing his Blue Bandit electric car

They already booked me as a speaker on sustainability

Hugely inspiring

Innovation, sustainability, inspiration, adventure, humour, life lessons and I could go on.

I enjoyed Wiebe’s presentation at Hoogheemraadschap Delfland about his trip to Australia and all the life lessons he learned from it. Extremely inspiring to hear Wiebe talk about the ups and downs and even though I will never make such a trip myself, the ‘journey’ and development of the person Wiebe is very recognisable.

Wiebe completely takes you into his car in just under 50 minutes and the joy of crossing the finish line was palpable even for me because I was so taken with him.

Wiebe thanks for your beautiful story, I wish and hope you may inspire many more people and I and many of my colleagues are eagerly awaiting your book!

    Noeska de Nobel, Delfland Water Board

No mountain too high and no bridge too far!

Wiebe shares some messages based on his extreme journey to the other side of the earth in an electric car:

Trust in your fellow human beings! ❤️
Why not take up the adventure? 😍
Encountering yourself in repetitive habits 😒
A very nice underlying incentive to become more sustainable🦾 Entrepreneurship is perseverance 🦾🦾🦾

Interaction and humour (including self-mockery) are used to convey messages across… Please come again Wiebe!

Jan Timmers, Vick

Still impressed!

It’s all about pioneering and seeing opportunities. Sometimes, as moderator of the day, you get to see a fine Keynote speaker with an inspiring story.

Still impressed!

Nathalie van Gent, Moderator

Some of the organisations for which I have already spoken

Request my presentation with no obligation

Then I will contact you as soon as possible. We will discuss all the details and only then is your booking final.

Then I will provide your (online) meeting, conference or event with a large dose of energy and inspiration on the agreed day.

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