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What an inspiring story!

What an inspiring story!

At our first physical meeting after a long time, we asked Wiebe to take us on his journey.

Wiebe was on stage as himself. Open and honest, with humour and lots of visuals, he makes you think. Wiebe taught us that there is no need to be afraid of the unknown. A little courage to take the plunge helps. He gives telling examples that make you realise again that you are always judging, where this is often wrong. With trust in the goodness of people, beautiful collaborations arise spontaneously.

Are you looking for an example where the goal is clear, but the journey is unknown? Do you simultaneously want to be made to think about following your dreams where sustainability is an important theme? I can recommend Wiebe to you.

    Rob Hoefnagel, Move Beyond

Feedback from our audience was raving!

Wiebe’s inspiring story about his Plug Me In journey gave our staff new insights into life’s opportunities and challenges, cross-cultural understanding, the beauty of human generosity, everyday innovation and much more.

It was a great session and the response from our audience was rave!

Ellen Scheerders, Prologis

Entertaining and informative

DB Breweries/HEINEKEN NZ was lucky to host Wiebe on the final leg of his world tour in New Zealand.
Wiebe’s authentic, easy going style of presentation was well received by our staff and his talk was both entertaining and informative.

Our staff came away better informed about EVs and inspired to live a little more sustainably in their own lives.

Rosie Cotter, Heineken

Wiebe’s journey is unique and so is his story

Visitors to Ecomobiel were very enthusiastic about Wiebe’s presentation. Wiebe’s journey is unique and so is his story.

Wiebe inspires, provokes thought and provides a comic note. After hearing his story, you know that even if your goals seem totally unattainable, you can achieve them.

Wendy van de Geijn, 54 Events - Ecomobiel

Still impressed!

Basically, it’s all about pioneering and seeing opportunities. Sometimes, as chair of the day, you also get to see a fine Keynote speaker with an inspiring story.

Still impressed!

Nathalie van Gent, Moderator

Hugely inspiring

Innovation, sustainability, inspiration, adventure, humour, life lessons and I could go on.

I enjoyed Wiebe’s presentation at Hoogheemraadschap Delfland about his trip to Australia and all the life lessons he learned from it. Extremely inspiring to hear Wiebe talk about the ups and downs and even though I will never make such a trip myself, the ‘journey’ and development of the person Wiebe is very recognisable.

Wiebe completely takes you into his car in just under 50 minutes and the joy of crossing the finish line was palpable even for me because I was so taken with him.

Wiebe thanks for your beautiful story, I wish and hope you may inspire many more people and I and many of my colleagues are eagerly awaiting your book!

Noeska de Nobel, Delfland Water Board

Gives food for thought

Recently, Wiebe Wakker gave an inspiring presentation for the Young Alfen organisation in Almere about his journey to the other side of the world in an electric car.

His talk took us through his road trip from start to finish. Wiebe knows how to look back on his journey in an engaging way and take the listener with him. Thus, you become part of the journey and accompanying cultural experiences and unexpected dilemmas that came his way.

The presentation provides food for thought on themes of personal development, perseverance and multicultural cooperation.

Range anxiety will have taken on a different meaning for many after Wiebe’s presentation.

Ruben Tempel, Alfen

Everyone should hear this once

What an incredibly powerful story!
Our people at Coca-Cola were very excited and inspired by Wiebe’s story. Great insights and so down to earth.

Everyone should hear this once.

Brenda van der Sanden, Coca-Cola

Inspiring and enthusiastic speaker

Wiebe is an inspiring and enthusiastic speaker! In the same week that he completed his world tour in an electric vehicle, he took the time to come to the LinkedIn office in Sydney to tell his story.

He inspired many of my colleagues about the possibilities of EVs!
I would highly recommend Wiebe as a speaker.

Huub Peeperkorn, LinkedIn

This was definitely talked about for the rest of the day

Wiebe is a pleasant personality who in a relaxed manner takes the congress participants on his inspiring adventure. This was certainly talked about for the rest of the day.

It was nice to see how Wiebe subtly connected to the theme of the congress during the presentation. In short, Wiebe is highly recommended as an inspiring speaker for a congress or meeting.

Joyce Versteeg, Provero

The success of the day

To show, how fast the world is changing and what is possible, we needed inspiration. We asked Wiebe to do this. And this turned out to be the success of the day, for young and old alike. Afterwards, everyone wanted a photo and his autograph with Wiebe.

Wiebe, your story inspires and lingers!

Arianne Westerveel, Provincie Zeeland

He captivated the audience

Wiebe is a great speaker. His ability to convey his journey engagingly and authentically impressed all present, captivated the audience and left us inspired. His anecdotes and images brought his adventure to life and encouraged us to think about the importance of eco-friendly solutions in our daily lives.

As a speaker, Wiebe is incredibly personable and approachable. He has a unique ability to connect with a diverse audience and his enthusiasm for his topic is infectious.

His presentation left us all with a renewed sense of purpose and determination to take action for a sustainable future.

   Aymen Ismail, Smart

A boys’ book full of adventure

Wiebe recently told his crazy story at the City of Amsterdam’s Department of Space and Sustainability.

It is a boy’s book full of adventure and challenges that seem insurmountable. With just the pictures you would already captivate the audience, but during your story you discuss topics such as sustainability, cooperation and dealing with adversity.

My colleagues left the meeting inspired. Highly recommended!

    Tom Groot, City of Amsterdam

Highly recommended!

Wiebe’s inspiring story shows that reaching your goal does not only depend on a solid plan, a healthy dose of guts and a lot of perseverance.

Flexibility in dealing with unforeseen circumstances and plenty of humour are just as important – and this is reflected in Wiebe’s inspiring and entertaining presentation.

The insights Wiebe gained on his journey contain valuable lessons many organisations can benefit from in realising their goals. Highly recommended!

Particularly nice example of what you can achieve by working together

Wiebe managed to captivate our Lions Club members immensely with his story of what electric mobility is capable of.

In his own wonderfully humorous way, he took us on his journey and shared his experiences on how to deal with change and setbacks.

His journey is a particularly great example of what you can achieve by working together, making connections and having a positive view of the world and inspires everyone to pursue their dreams!

Robert de Jonge, Lions Club Blaricum Laren

He makes you think

As an innovation centre in the creative industries, we are always looking for inspiration: Wiebe certainly gave us that.

With his story about his trip around the world in an electric car, he managed to get the companies in the room excited and, not unimportantly, to laugh. Wiebe speaks in a down-to-earth and spontaneous way and really stands as himself on stage.

He makes you think, not only about sustainability, but especially about jumping into the deep end and going on an adventure.

I warmly recommend Wiebe as a speaker in business.

   Anne Raaijmakers, Perron038

What a great story and presentation!

What a great story and presentation!

Wiebe told us how he crossed through 34 countries with an electric car and without any financial resources. His journey was not an easy one, one with many obstacles and challenges. In an energetic and funny way, he told his story. Especially his message on sustainability came across powerfully, a theme we work on every day within our organisation.

Wiebe met many people and was able to express his goal of his journey well with the people he met, inspiring and convincing many people to think more about the topic of sustainability.

He also inspired our team, as a speaker and presenter definitely recommended!

Marc Vermeer, Rijkswaterstaat

A fantastic presentation

At the Impact Event Sustainable Zeist, Wiebe gave a fantastic presentation on his electric car journey from the Netherlands to Australia.

During his lively talk interspersed with anecdotes, self-mockery and humour, everyone was hanging on his every word. Many beautiful photos and films made his story and the challenges he faced palpable.

This can inspire everyone in the field of sustainable mobility, goodness of mankind and problem solving!

Wiebe manages to captivate until the end

We thoroughly enjoyed Wiebe’s stories of his bizarre journey in an electric car to Australia.

Very inspiring to hear him tell about the more than 95,000 kilometres and 33 countries of the longest journey ever in an electric car. With his down-to-earth humorous comments accompanying the visual spectacle, Wiebe manages to captivate until the end.

It makes you want to go on a trip yourself and almost helps therapeutically against “range anxiety!

Richard Hovinga, Ministry I&W

No mountain too high and no bridge too far!

No mountain too high and no bridge too far! Wiebe shares some messages based on his extreme journey to the other side of the earth in an electric car:

– Trust in your fellow human! ❤️
why not take on the adventure? 😍
– Encountering yourself in repetitive habits 😒
– A very nice subcutaneous incentive to become more sustainable
– 🦾 Entrepreneurship is perseverance 🦾🦾🦾🦾

Interaction and humour (including self-mockery) are used to get the messages across…
Happy to do it again Wiebe!

   Jan Timmers, Vick

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