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Wiebe Wakker

May 23, 2016



We woke up at around 10 in the morning. Slept like 12 hours, pretty damn good.
My mother left around 1 because she had to drive back 5 hours to Haarlem. I could stay in the apartment for a few more hours and I wrote the last blog and started editing the Berlin video.

Speaking of video, I changed my “vloging” updates a bit. After doing this for two months I’ve found out that it’s just not really my thing. I always enjoyed making and editing movies but being in front of the camera is not what I like to do most. I believe I can express myself better with text and besides that it takes a huge amount of time to edit, render and upload the videos and with the other tasks I have to do it’s hard to keep up with. So from now on I will post a blog daily and it will be easier to follow me realtime. I will keep doing video but it will be on weekly basis and and in a different format.

Back to Hamburg. I left this city at around 5pm. I had to rearrange the car as my mother brought 4 new boxes of Doppers, I took 4 with me in the beginning but they didn’t fit all. As I’m going only farther away from home this was the last change to take them with me.

My next plugger was Uta in Gelting, a tiny place near the Baltic sea and the Danish border. Uta is the owner of Janbeck’s Fairhaus, she wrote me that she makes delicious cake’s so I couldn’t resist going there. Also she had been following me for a long time and I knew she was involved in the Wave Trophy as many people who I visited earlier mentioned here name.
Gelting was 160KM from Hamburg and it was a nice drive to this place, beautifully rustic. The Fairhaus is located next to a field and Uta and her husband Stephan where already waiting for me. It was around 7pm. That they care about the environment was clear from the beginning, they had a Zoë, a Think City (Danish e-car which I had never seen before) and they have this thing called the E-Wolf. They told me it’s a great car and they are going it to show me later.

Uta showed me my room, it was huge appartement and I thought I would share this with other people but I came to found out this is all mine! It really is the biggest place where I have stayed so far. Pretty luxurious too. It got a main bedroom and even another room with 2 single beds, enough to put my ego on.

Because Im going to stay here two nights it was not necessary to charge the car immediately and Stephan thought it would be better to do it tomorrow, as we could charge the car 100% on solar energy. The house has many sustainable aspects and they are going to tell me everything about that tomorrow.