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Wiebe Wakker

May 24, 2016



Stephan, one of the owners of Janbeck’s Fairhaus let me drive in his Zoe. It was my first experience in this car and it was wat you expect from an EV: silent and fast. I drove to a garage a couple of miles further. Not to fix anything but to meet Hanno, the owner of the garage and apparently a huge EV-lover, I would soon find out. In his carpark where 8 Mitsubishi I-Mievs, some old ones with 45.000km on the meter and also some fairly new ones with just 80KM and a fair price too.

Hanno apparently was also a contestant in the Wave Trophy and wanted to show me something. He has been converting his own car to fully electric and not an average car, the Barkas V 901/2 (I had to look to this up on WikiPedia as I know nothing about cars but I was kind of impressed by this one). It was just like it came out of the movies. Nicely refurbished and all with many details from the 50’s still in tact. He even made the old fuel gage indicating the level of the battery. From the Zoe I made some nice shots from it while driving and you will see this later in the weekly video update.

With Stephan I drove back to the Fairhouse and changed car and co-pilot. With Uta I drove to a school nearby. The Wave Trophy is starting soon and this year 5000 schoolkids made drawings with a message about what they want to change in the world. All these drawings are collected and at the finish of the Wave they well hand these over at the UN Headquarter in Bern. Uta came by to see how things are progressing at her school. Every contestant needs to collect these messages and give the children info about the race and sustainability.

Then we drove the harbor where we met Stephan again and had some fish & chips. On the way back I let Stephan drive my car and he enjoyed it. At first he found it hard to believe that my Type 2 plug on the car had a female connector as a standard plug has male one (nerd fact).

Back home I cleaned the car. The last time I did this thoroughly was in Switzerland so it needed some refreshment. I took everything out, cleaned it and reorganized the car. Later we would have dinner at a local restaurant. If I have the choice about what to eat I always choose a speciality from the country. This time I went for Schnitzel, damn good choice.
Uta and Stephan are taking really good care of me, I can stay here even one more night longer in this huge apartment and catch up with some work!