Day 128 | Wednesday July 20

My mission is to reach the North Cape and between there and where I am now is just not that much to do, sustainable wise. The last weeks I haven’t visited any projects and won’t do that the coming weeks as they are mostly in the more populated areas. I try to find a good mix between traveling and visiting sustainable projects, now the travel has the overhand.

My host Ove already left for work when I woke up at 9. I had a phone call from the radio during that night and that always breaks me up so I woke up a bit later, for the Dutchies you can listen to that interview here.
I said goodbye to Ove’s daughter and started driving to Badderen. Ove had a friend there who was willing to plug me in. On the way I experienced some problems again. The emergency signal started beeping and this time I couldn’t fix it. I pulled out the cable and continued driving without visible data of the battery status. Which was scary as I had to climb 700 meters so I did regular stops to put in the cable, start the computer and check the battery status.

When I arrived in Badderen I had 6% left. I had some time to try to solve the problem and again the plug of the computer broke. Rob in Lofoten had solderet this. Luckily my host Kurt was a technician and helped me solder the cable again. It worked and I could charge the car, tomorrow I really need to find a new plug otherwise it will get a problem. It’s a 4 pins ATX 12V power connector and you can’t buy those in a ordinary computer store. Tomorrow I will arrive in Alta which is the last “city” before the North Cape.

Kurt is a nice guy who lives here with his 2 children. He met my last nights host Ove during an off-road race and now they are still in touch. He is an electrician on high power and fiber optics cables. Every time when there are problems with the car I’m in the lucky position that my host has knowledge about electricity.
For dinner Kurt made a dish with moose. Moose and Reindeers are the 2 animals which you find very often here and for me it was the first time I ate those animals, he let me try a peace of Reindeer later on and it had a very distinct, salty and special taste. It’s definitely worth to try if you ever end up in North Norway!

Pictures of today

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