Day 126 | Monday July 18

Hotel Bardufoss was were I woke up this morning. After breakfast I thanked them for helping me and started driving to Tromsø, which was in reach now. Around noon I got there and it was still raining, I believe it has been raining for 3 days straight now. Still that doesn’t take away the pleasure of being in Norway because there are so many nice things to see here.

One of Tromsø’s highlights is the church on top of the hill, it has a modern shape and you can get nice pictures from it. The city is called the ‘Gateway to the arctic’ as it’s the last actual city in the North. The city is at its best in the winter, when all the streets are covered in snow and the northern lights shine bright above the roofs.

My hosts live 30 minutes outside of Tromsø, again in a house on the hill. They have a view over the sea and they can spot whales from their living room! How nice is that?!

Robin was the one who plugged me in and lives here with his wife and 4 year old daughter. His daughter continuously talked to me in Norwegian. Apparently she asked me how many kids I had, she is obsessed with kids according to dad. Later she showed me her money which she received last week when her first teeth fell out, how cute.

Robin is an EV-enthusiast and drives the KIA Soul which he uses for daily commute. He was surprised that I made it all the way from Bardufoss to his house on a single charge, I’m still amazed by it too. Even in Norway with all the hills and max speeds around 70KM/h I can get to 180 kilometers, which is a dream for most electric car drivers.

Day 127 | Tuesday July 18

There are days when you have 4 appointments and running from one place to another and there are days where you can relax and have the time do anything I want. Today was such a day. Robin told me that I really needed to look around his island so I did. It is not so populated and also tourists where not around. It felt like I was alone here and the nature had been untouched either. I even spotted a reindeer in the wild! I knew you can spot them in Norway and after 3 weeks I finally saw one. They are quitte big but seem very harmless.

Around 4 I got to my next pluggers who live on the mainland, I was not sure were it was exactly and stopped at a supermarket to pick up wifi. I was wandering around with my phone in the hand and a woman asked me if I was playing Pokemon, so funny how this game changes so much.

Ove, IT specialist and electric car owner, was the one who invited me. His house used to be a bank and parts of that were still visible. In the basement he has a huge vault with doors and walls of 50cm thick. Next to that was a bunker to hide from nuclear attacks, crazy stuff.


So most of you know that I have been doing daily videos in the beginning of this trip and I decided to stop that. Now my question to you is: do you prefer these blogs or should I go back to video?? I’m doubting about doing videos again and hope to make a decision with your input. Let me know in the comments below.

Pictures of today

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