Day 172 | Friday September 2

Today started out really fun. Yesterday I came in touch with Maarten, a Belgian guy who is active in sustainable initiates in Vilnius. He invited me to come to CreativeMornings, a monthly event were they invite someone to speak about a certain topic. This time a laughing yoga teacher came by, not a yoga woman who laughed all the time but a woman who gave laughing yoga courses, you get it?
She started with a long presentation in Lithuanian which I understood for exactly 0%, still this woman smiled all the time and had a positive attitude which was contagious.
We finished the workshop with some laughter exercises, most of them felt a bit awkward. We needed to greet each other while laughing or hold each others hands and bend down while laughing. Still at the end I felt more positive so it did it works, interesting experience.

I had some time to do some sightseeing in Vilnius. It is a city with much charm. Everything is old and build nice, what you expect of a capital but its not so massive crowded as most capitals.

In the evening I met Maarten again, we met at a food street were we had huge fat hamburgers. Maarten uses car-sharing platforms to get around the city. Today we tested Spark, which is an full electric platform. See this movie for the impression:

Testing Car Sharing Platforms in VilniusTesting Car Sharing Platforms in Vilnius

Maarten told that recently they introduced deposit on bottles, cans etc in Lithuania, that was a huge succes. Apparently the deposit system works better in countries which are poor, when people can earn money they do that. Also homeless people search everywhere for cans. The waste in cities reduced a lot and most of the cans and bottles where returned to the shops.

Day 173 | Saturday September 3

I had meeting with Sigitas, owner of Sweetroot, a restaurant in Vilnius. He doesn’t explicitly say that he cooks sustainable as for him its a normal way to do but he has some traditions. In the kitchen they only seasonal food and it has to be found local. The wine and coffee are the only things which are imported. All the dishes he serves are based on local traditions like stories from grandparents or childhood memories.

Sigitas invited me to come back tonight to have dinner at the restaurant, a really kind gesture. The food was unbelievable good and the presentation was spot-on. The total experience took about 2.5 hours and I received 9 courses! Definitely the best meal I had this trip.


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