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Wiebe Wakker

July 10, 2016


Day 116 | Friday July 8

Today I had to do 220km from Hustad to Trondheim and the road to there promised to be beautiful as I needed to pass the Atlantic Ocean Road.  The Atlantic Road is built on several small islands and skerries, which are connected by several causeways, viaducts and eight bridges. My host Harald told me it was just a 30 minute drive to there and after a while I started to see a lot of campers and busses with Japanese tourists. I thought I would make it to the road in a few minutes but when I drove over the iconic bridge I found out I’ve been driving on the Atlantic Road for a already some kilometers.

After I passed the bridge (which I knew from many blogs) I stopped to get some pictures. I have to say that the road is more beautiful from the air and a bit disappointing from the ground. Still I found some nice spots.

I continued my way to Trondheim. Last night I send a request to the only offer I had there and in the morning I didn’t have a reply yet so was not sure if I would have a place to stay. I had to do a recharge underway and on chargemap I found they have a Gronn Kontakt charging station in Valsøytunet, luckily it was working with my car this time. The station was located on the parking of a camping with restaurant. As it was lunchtime I wanted to check if they could offer me some lunch. The owner of the Valsøytunet restaurant and camping was happy to provide me with a fish salade! On the terrace of the camping I had a nice view over the lake, I imagined it would be a beautiful spot for a camper. Check out this movie of the campsite:

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After lunch the car had enough range to reach Trondheim. A few weeks earlier in Oslo I went to the presentation of the Detroit Electric SP:01, read that blog here. There I met the owners of Carpoint Norge, they are the importer of Detroit Electric. They have their office in Trondheim and invited me to come over. I got there around 4 o’clock.

Geir, one of the guys I met before wanted to know everything about the trip from Oslo to here so I shared all my experiences. I also told him that I was not sure if I had a place to stay tonight so he quickly made some phone calls. A few minutes later he got a call back and was happy to tell me that the owner of the Radisson Blu Hotel Trondheim offered me a room! The hotel was actually fully booked but still they could give me a place to sleep! So great.

I left my car at the Carpoint garage to charge there and Geir brought me to the hotel. Around 8 o’clock he picked me up again and together with his wife and a friend we had dinner at a restaurant. Geir is a busy man and involved in many businessclubs and also knew the owner of this restaurant who hooked me up with free food! What a day.

After dinner we went to a nightclub, the Pianobar. There was an Australian women singing and playing on the piano. She was seriously good and when she heard there was a Dutchmen in the club she sang a song in my language! The song is called ‘Tulpen uit Amsterdam’ (Tulips from Amsterdam). I felt a bit stupid that I only knew the refrain of this song but it was cool that I could sing these few words in my own language. I’m grateful that Geir took all this effort to entertain me and made my stay in Trondheim one to remember.

We had a lot of drinks at it was only the second time this trip that I got drunk. The first time being in Germany in the first month so the beers and gintonics hit me hard this time.

Pictures from today