Eaternity developed a software program for restaurants. With this tool they can track the carbon footprint of all the meals and products they serve. The foal of Eaternity is to offer everyone the opportunity to make sustainable choices when selecting their everyday food.


Das Lamm

Das Lamm is an online newspaper about sustainability. They started 3 years ago and exposed companies who did greenwashing. Now they write about many subjects such as politics, environment and more.

I interviewed Anna about what they are doing at Das Lamm.

Day 31 | This was a shit day.

Today was a shit day in many aspects. I drove 80km from Langenbruck to Zurich. In Zurich I interviewed Marcos from Kompotoi, they make fancy toilet cabins and from the shit the make compost. Then I found out I forgot my jacket in Langenbruck and had to drive back, cancel an interview and change my plan for the day.


Kompotoi makes toilet cabins where they collect the human feces and make compost from it. The company was founded 3 years ago in Zurich and now everyone (festivals, companies etc.) want to have this toilet on their site.


Day 28 & 29 | Around Zurich

Day 28th I spend all day to look for sustainable projects to visit and I give an update about things that happened in the last week, for instance an invite by a very high placed person.

Tuesday I went to Andre who has an company specialized in EV products, then I went to Sebastian who was one of the first guys outside of Netherlands to plug me in!