Day 134 & 135 | Into Finland

Day 134 | Tuesday July 26

Woke up at camping Karacamp in Karasjov (it almost sounds Russian). While it was 25 degrees yesterday, today it was raining hard. For today I had not a tight plan, I just needed to go south towards Finland.

I stopped in Kautokeino which was close to the end of my battery. It was a quitte town and someone tipped me that I had to go to the Juhls Silver Gallery. It’s a shop where they sell jewelry, made from Sami silver. It’s not only a shop but there also is a museum where they show tools of the Sami people.

As I found a socket to charge the car I decided that I wanted to pass the Finish border today. On the Smart Charging app I found there was a Type 2 charging station in Palojarvi, I was not sure if it would work but it was worth taking the risk. Around 11pm I arrived in Finland! Country #11 already this trip and my first time here. I don’t know much about it except for that my childhood hero Jari Litmanen comes was born here and the legendary Nokia company.
As I secretly expected the charging station didn’t communicate with the car. It was placed next to a gasstation with camping and that was about it here. The camping shop was already closed but luckily there was normal socket used to keep accu’s running in the winter so there I plugged it in.

I could sleep in the car or at the camping but I was not sure who they would react in the morning. At the other side of the road was nothing and why not put up the tent there in stead of 30 meters away and risk getting trouble. So this was the first time I went “wild camping”. The place was filled with mosquitos, like thousands, it made it almost impossible to put up the tent but eventually it stood there.

Day 135 | Wednesday July 27

I counted my mosquito bites, there were at least 25 of them. On my face, arms, back and ass. Crazy how was they can get you.

The car was fully charged thankfully and I continued my way down south. The first biggest “city” i passed was Muomi and there was a charger too, again I couldn’t use it. When I got there I was terrible hungry and while driving I felt not fresh at all. The last time I had some food was breakfast yesterday morning, and that were just some slices of bread with jam. The charger was located next to Hotel Harriniva and the very friendly lady was willing to offer me a lunch. They had a buffet with many thinks and normally I would have gone for croissants and sweet stuff but I choose paste, cauliflower and salade. I could feel the vitamins flowing through my veins, it felt damn good.

I charged a little but and continued driving it started raining heavily and even huge hailstones fell out the air. I ended up in Kolari with 7% battery left. There was a huge building with a big sign “hotel” on top of it but when I entered I found it was now used as a home for refugees. There was a caretaker and I explained him I was looking for a bed and place to charge the car. I felt actually a bit stupid that I came here to ask that while there were so many people here in a bad situation. After all I am in a luxurious position that I can make a trip like this. The caretaker was really nice and thought he had an idea. With his car we drove to a train station nearby, it was only used in the weekend and he thought we would find a place to charge here. There was a press-container and we tried to find some people to ask it it was ok to charge there. There was nobody. On the container was a phonenumber which he dialed. Long story short: it was ok to unplug the container and charge the car there. It didn’t work out well, after 20 minutes it stopped charging and I changed to a normal plug.

Around 4 in the morning I arrived in Pello where I found a plug outside. It was in the city and no place to camp so I spend the night in the car, just like old times.

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Day 132 & 133 | Going south from the North Cape

Day 132 | Sunday July 24

On the edge of the North Cape I woke up. When I opened my tent I had an amazing view over a sea of clouds and enjoyed this sight for a while. Andrei, the hitchhiker who I met yesterday wanted to go to a camping 20 kilometers from the Cape and I offered him a ride. I still was doubting what to do. My car was charged only till 40% so I couldn’t get that far, especially in this parts as it’s very mountainous.

I dropped of Andrei and next to the camping was a Scandic hotel, I stayed at them earlier in Bodo. After 2 nights of camping and no shower I could use some comfort (I feel a bit spoiled to say this, my friend Andrei had no shower for a week) and tried my luck at the hotel. They were enthusiastic like always but were fully booked. Luckily there was a room with a broken shower (coincidence?) and I could take that one. I was happy to take it and took an ice cold shower, which felt pretty good!  Thank you Scandic Nordkapp

I worked a lot today, wrote my blog, prepared a press-release with Meltwater and send some emails. I didn’t had breakfast or lunch today and because the hotel already offered me a room and breakfast I didn’t want to ask them for a dinner so I boiled a soup with my gas ring in the bathroom. I had some canned soup left which I got from Karin in Heverlee in the second week of this trip.

Day 133 | Monday July 25

I was woken up by the alarm at 10 o’clock, shit! I though I set it at 8 but probably pressed the wrong button. The breakfast was till 10 so I rushed there to get one.

For today I had not really a plan yet. My goal now is to reach Helsinki and I don’t have much pluggers yet in the northern and middle parts of Finland. So I just started driving south. At 20% I reached Lakselv were they had a public 220v charger. With the Smart Charge app from Meshcrafts I found out they had a Type 2 charger in Karasjok and that was about 70 kilometers away. When I had 50% I started driving there. 50% could be enough to drive 70 kilometers but there were some mountains and I quickly lost range. When I was 20km from Karasjok away I had only 8% and had to look for an alternative. The road was long and deserted but at 3% I passed an house. I saw that there were people at home, knocked on the door and asked them for a plug. It were 2 young guys from Lithuania, really nice guys and it was ok to charge. When I told them my story they even offered me to come for dinner with them. They were working in this house as carpenters and stayed here in the house for a few weeks until it’s finished. They are 2 brothers from 25 & 27 who both have a wife and children. The oldest brother Mantas just had his first child just 4 weeks ago and saw him only 1 time. With the money they earn here they supply their families back home. Everyday the people I met are so different and the stories they share unique. I learned a lot so far.

Now I had enough power to reach Karasjok. I was charged with food too so I just needed a place to stay. At camping Karacamp they were willing to offer me a camping place and I could power the remaining of the car at the toilet unit! Great stuff.

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Day 131 | Above the North Cape

Day 131 | Saturday July 23

Spoiler alert: today was fucking great!

So I woke up in my caravan and started driving towards the North Cape, which has been my goal since Oslo 4 weeks ago. It was a 240km drive and impossible to reach on one charge but I was very surprised that I could drive 207 kilometers to Honningsvag, with the mountains here that is really an achievement. 

In Honningsvag was not much to do, it’s kind of the last stop before the North Cape so lots of tourists go to the supermarket and fill their cars with supplies. I had to fill my car with juice, which wasn’t easy. With SmartCharge I found that there was a public charger in town but it didn’t work with my car. At an industrial area I was lucky to find a normal plug and charged for about 5 hours, during the wait I wandered around the town and talked to some locals.

Around 6 I started driving, the road to the Cape was stunning. Long stretched flats with hundreds of reindeers, like the Santa could touch down here any minute.
It was going up hill a lot, the cape is a peninsula of 300 meters high. The last kilometers I was afraid that I wouldn’t make it but got to the ticketbox with 4% left. I was surprised that there was a ticketbox but you could have guessed it, the entrance is free for electric car drivers!

When I explored the area on Google Maps I thought it was a small village with many shops but actually there was just a visitors center for tourists, and as I had to charge my car here that was my only possibility. Luckily they were very friendly and I could charge the car at the back of the compound.

About the North Cape: it’s symbolic the most norther part of Europe. That’s what I read everywhere and I have no idea what this actually means?!  How can a place that’s not the most norther place in Europe (It’s not even the most northern place in Norway and big parts of Russia are more northern too) be the symbolic most northern city? Even when it’s an island and not mainland. It must have been a very creative city marketeer who came up with this idea.

I didn’t expect much of this place as I thought it was just a milestone for many travellers to go to ‘the most northern place in Europe’ so I was positively shocked by the beauty of the North Cape. Especially because you can see the midnight sun in full here. I saw it in Bodo till 11.30 but now I could see it all night long! Weird and beautiful.

Now one of my highlights this trip: I flew in a helicopter over the North Cape!
I got in touch with 2 people who work at HeliTours. With my experiences the last weeks I am starting to feel more free in asking people for a favor, of course a heli flight would be the top of the cherry. I explained them what I was doing and asked them the question. They told me that if there would be a drop-out it might be possible to fly along. After 2 hours I received a phone call “we’ve got a spot left!” Wow!
I had never flown in a helicopter before and it has been a dream for a long time and it finally came true. And the good thing: I was flying exactly at midnight so I could witness the midnight sun from even closer. It’s really a great experience to fly over the mountains, fjords and sea and be above the clouds. I took some great pictures and will upload a movie later on. Thanks again HeliTours!

After the flight I wanted to take some more pictures of the midnight sun and from me above the clouds. I met Andrei, a guy from Romania and together we walked around the Cape to find some nice places to get good shots. We stayed up a long time because I wanted to get a picture from me with the car in front of the globe, that is the iconic statue which symbolizes the most northern point. It was only at 3.30 in the morning that most people were gone and we had time to take the shots, very happy with the end-result. 

After 132 days and 17.514 kilometers I crossed off a first major milestone: with my electric car I reached the North…

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Then I went to bed. I set up the tent very close to the edge of the cape. It was only the second time that I slept in here and the first time was in heavy rain. Now the sun was shining and I could hear the wind hitting my tent, which made me fall asleep within minutes.

Today was really one of the highlights of the trip, totally unexpected. Maybe because the past few days were a bit shit I start to appreciate moments like these more. What will happen tomorrow?

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Day 130 | Solving problems Pt. II

Day 130 | Friday July 22

As expected I didn’t had much sleep last night. Around 7 I was already wide awake and went for breakfast. The mechanic told me yesterday that he would be at the garage at 7.30 in the morning and would look at my car instantly. So I was desperately waiting for a phone call.

I had some other things to fix too. I needed to find that small plug for the car. I visited several PC-stores, electricians and car shops but they all looked at that plug like it was from another planet. At one PC-store they found a similar plug though in an old computer and I could have it. Hope this will fit into the machine.

Around 12 the mechanic from Alta Motor called “we still haven’t looked at your car but it’s next in line.” One hour later he said he wanted to pick me up at the hotel because I needed to have a look at it… The tension was rising.
At the garage they explained it was not a problem with the gearbox itself but something between that and the electric motor. They wanted to inspect it further but were not really comfortable with it because of course it’s electric and chance of electrocution. I called Wim in Holland and he explained me the process of turning off the power in the car. After this was done they felt more secure and could inspect it better.

A few hours later they came with the decisive answer: a loose bolt between the gearbox and the motor was the cause of the problem. And it was easy to fix!
About an hour later everything was put in place and the car was ready to go. I’m very grateful to the people at Alta Motor for their professional and quick help. While most mechanics were on holiday and with a waiting line from 4 weeks they managed to get the car ready to go in just a few hours! Excellent work!

Now I needed to find a place to stay tonight. A few days ago I was stating at Ove in Meistervik. He told me his brother in Alta could probably help me out so I send him a text to see if it was still possible. Apparently his brother was not there but his sister had a caravan where I could stay, perfect!

A bed was fixed, now some food. As I was happy that the car was driving again I wanted to take it for a test drive. It feels better then before the problem started, especially when starting and braking. I drove past hotel/restaurant Thon Vica and explained them my story. I could pick anything from the card and they had reindeer steak on the menu, as this is a local speciality I wanted to try this one. It actually tastes pretty good, more or less like a cow.

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Day 129 | Ai caramba!

Day 129 | Thursday July 21

Today the sun was shining, it was around 22 degrees, when I woke up I could see the reflection of the mountains in the lake, sharp as a mirror. A perfect day. I ate breakfast in my caravan which Kurt has left for me as he needed to leave early. Around 9 I started driving and only 2 minutes later a weird and loud noise was coming from under the hood. I realized this beautiful day was over.

The car was not starting anymore. I called Wim from Costumcars for some back-up and let him listen to the sound of the engine. He thought it was a problem with the gearbox or something between it but of course it’s hard to tell from distance what exactly the problem is. I phoned my insurance and they said they could cover the expenses. I called the Norwegian Road Assistance and they said they would send a guy right away.

An hour and an half there was still nobody here and the callcenter woman told me there has been a mistake. So they would start the process again. An hour later someone called me and ask how I wanted to pay, I told them my insurance would cover it but they needed a prove. Another call to my insurance and now it seemed fixed, they would send someone out. An hour later they called and said they were on their way, it would take just one hour to reach me…

So exactly one hour later and 5 hours since the problems began the road assistance arrived. He didn’t look at it and instantly pulled the car on the truck. It had to be moved to a garage in Alta, which was were I wanted to go anyway. My insurance would cover the costs.
We got to Alta around 18.00 and the mechanics already went home. They told me that they have a waiting list of about 4 weeks as most mechanics are in holiday, ouch.

I had no plugger in Alta but my insurance would cover 10 days in a hotel and I found a room in the center. The owner of the garage was a nice guy and gave me a lift to the center. I’m hoping he can make some time in his busy schedule to fix the car of needed.
Around 19.00 I checked into the hotel and now I just needed to get some food. Next to the hotel was Peppes Pizza who were willing to offer me a free pizza! They told me it was a small 1 person pizza but I actually received a fairly big one which took all my hunger away.

Today was a big shock, the problems seem quite big. The owner of the garage told me they are going to look at it first in the morning to see how big the problems are if it can be fixed at all or later.   I will probably have a sleepless night but I’m lucky that it happened here and not in the middle of nowhere.

Ps. I’m now also on Snapchat for short videos and photo updates from my adventures. Add me: PlugMeInTravel.

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Day 128 | Over the mountains to Badderen

Day 128 | Wednesday July 20

My mission is to reach the North Cape and between there and where I am now is just not that much to do, sustainable wise. The last weeks I haven’t visited any projects and won’t do that the coming weeks as they are mostly in the more populated areas. I try to find a good mix between traveling and visiting sustainable projects, now the travel has the overhand.

My host Ove already left for work when I woke up at 9. I had a phone call from the radio during that night and that always breaks me up so I woke up a bit later, for the Dutchies you can listen to that interview here.
I said goodbye to Ove’s daughter and started driving to Badderen. Ove had a friend there who was willing to plug me in. On the way I experienced some problems again. The emergency signal started beeping and this time I couldn’t fix it. I pulled out the cable and continued driving without visible data of the battery status. Which was scary as I had to climb 700 meters so I did regular stops to put in the cable, start the computer and check the battery status.

When I arrived in Badderen I had 6% left. I had some time to try to solve the problem and again the plug of the computer broke. Rob in Lofoten had solderet this. Luckily my host Kurt was a technician and helped me solder the cable again. It worked and I could charge the car, tomorrow I really need to find a new plug otherwise it will get a problem. It’s a 4 pins ATX 12V power connector and you can’t buy those in a ordinary computer store. Tomorrow I will arrive in Alta which is the last “city” before the North Cape.

Kurt is a nice guy who lives here with his 2 children. He met my last nights host Ove during an off-road race and now they are still in touch. He is an electrician on high power and fiber optics cables. Every time when there are problems with the car I’m in the lucky position that my host has knowledge about electricity.
For dinner Kurt made a dish with moose. Moose and Reindeers are the 2 animals which you find very often here and for me it was the first time I ate those animals, he let me try a peace of Reindeer later on and it had a very distinct, salty and special taste. It’s definitely worth to try if you ever end up in North Norway!

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Day 126 & 127 | Wild reindeers in Tromsø

Day 126 | Monday July 18

Hotel Bardufoss was were I woke up this morning. After breakfast I thanked them for helping me and started driving to Tromsø, which was in reach now. Around noon I got there and it was still raining, I believe it has been raining for 3 days straight now. Still that doesn’t take away the pleasure of being in Norway because there are so many nice things to see here.

One of Tromsø’s highlights is the church on top of the hill, it has a modern shape and you can get nice pictures from it. The city is called the ‘Gateway to the arctic’ as it’s the last actual city in the North. The city is at its best in the winter, when all the streets are covered in snow and the northern lights shine bright above the roofs.

My hosts live 30 minutes outside of Tromsø, again in a house on the hill. They have a view over the sea and they can spot whales from their living room! How nice is that?!

Robin was the one who plugged me in and lives here with his wife and 4 year old daughter. His daughter continuously talked to me in Norwegian. Apparently she asked me how many kids I had, she is obsessed with kids according to dad. Later she showed me her money which she received last week when her first teeth fell out, how cute.

Robin is an EV-enthusiast and drives the KIA Soul which he uses for daily commute. He was surprised that I made it all the way from Bardufoss to his house on a single charge, I’m still amazed by it too. Even in Norway with all the hills and max speeds around 70KM/h I can get to 180 kilometers, which is a dream for most electric car drivers.

Day 127 | Tuesday July 18

There are days when you have 4 appointments and running from one place to another and there are days where you can relax and have the time do anything I want. Today was such a day. Robin told me that I really needed to look around his island so I did. It is not so populated and also tourists where not around. It felt like I was alone here and the nature had been untouched either. I even spotted a reindeer in the wild! I knew you can spot them in Norway and after 3 weeks I finally saw one. They are quitte big but seem very harmless.

Around 4 I got to my next pluggers who live on the mainland, I was not sure were it was exactly and stopped at a supermarket to pick up wifi. I was wandering around with my phone in the hand and a woman asked me if I was playing Pokemon, so funny how this game changes so much.

Ove, IT specialist and electric car owner, was the one who invited me. His house used to be a bank and parts of that were still visible. In the basement he has a huge vault with doors and walls of 50cm thick. Next to that was a bunker to hide from nuclear attacks, crazy stuff.


So most of you know that I have been doing daily videos in the beginning of this trip and I decided to stop that. Now my question to you is: do you prefer these blogs or should I go back to video?? I’m doubting about doing videos again and hope to make a decision with your input. Let me know in the comments below.

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Day 124 & 125 | Leaving Lofoten

Day 124 | Saturday July 16

After a very short night there were some problems to fix. The car was now fixed in a primitive way and continuing like this is definitely not an option. Luckily Rob knows everything about electricity so I stranded at the right place. He inspected the car and found a solution to power the computer with a cable from the fusebox in the front of the car. I can now charge and check the status of the car without problems. For now everything seemed fine.

Around 4 the car was fully charged and continued my way. Rob en Threes of the Polarlightcenter had taken care of me very well and gave me some tips about sustainable projects to visit on the way. My next plugger is located in Tromso, more then 400km away which was out of reach. On the map I found Evenskjer, almost halfway down and they had a hotel so this was my best option. This time they couldn’t help me as the owner was not there but fortunately there was a campsite down the road, the Tjeldsundbrua Camping, who could support me. They offered me a place to put my tent on and electricity for the car. This was the first time I would use the tent this trip. Under very heavy rain I managed to put it up and with the rain falling on the roof I felt asleep immediately.

Woke up like this.

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Day 125 | Sunday July 17

I didn’t set an alarm and I woke up at 10.45! Slept more than 13 hours. Hungry as I was I warmed up a soup which I got from Kromkommer in the first week of this trip. I found out it was a few weeks out of date but ey, need to survive here! I found out that the camping was located on a river and almost under a bridge, Tjeldsundbrua, which is also the name of the camping. Stupid that I didn’t figure that out yesterday.

Tromso still was out of reach and wanted to get to Bardufoss today. When I passed Setermoen I had not enough range to make it and charged there for a couple of hours. It was already late in the afternoon.

When I got to Bardufoss I had 30% battery left. I could continue but I was not sure if there would a town or city within the range and from here it was 150km to Tromso so I would easily make that tomorrow. So I decided to find a place to stay here.
I found an hotel called the Bardufoss Hotel, the receptionist had to make a few phone calls and was happy to tell me that she could offer me a room! Also they served dinner here and I was very happy with that as the last time I had a decent meal was lunch yesterday.

Remember I visited Bjorn Nyland aka TeslaBjorn in Oslo? He was very interested in my car and the journey and interviewed me about that. Last night he published the video on his channel, watch it here:


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Day 121 – 123 | It’s not always fun

Day 121 | Wednesday July 13

At 6 o’clock I set the alarm as today I wanted to take the ferry from Bodø to Lofoten. It left at 10 but at The Scandic Havet Hotel they tipped me that it would be wise to park in the line very early as it’s a popular line. At 7 I parked my car in front of the line and went back to the hotel for breakfast.

The Scandic Havet Hotel was awarded with one of the best breakfasts in Scandinavia. And this appeared to be very true. They had a huge variety of french bread, coffees, cheeses, cakes etc. Perfect!

At 10 I took the boat the the other side, a 3 hour ride and the longest so far. When I got of the ferry I did not know exactly were to go so I looked for a free wifi place to look up the address. A hitchhiker came to me and appeared to be Dutch. He needed to go in the same direction as me so we shared the ride. He traveled all the way from Holland to here by foot and with the help of other people, nice guy.

At dinnertime I arrived at my hosts, Threes and Rob. Two Dutchies who own the Polarlightcenter in Laukvik on the north side of Austvågøya, the most northern island of the Lofoten. In this center they explain you everything about the Northern Lights, a beautiful phenomenon which can be seen from this area. Rob has a room full of electronic devices, oldschool printers, recorders and I don’t know what to see if there is any polar activity. The polar light (auroras) are produced when there is a disturbance on the sun. When this happens Rob can read this on his devices and now knows that 1 to 4 days later there will be northern light, if it was send to the right direction. An interesting wonder of nature which I unfortunately couldn’t see because it’s light here all day but definitely a reason to come back for.

Day 122 | Thursday July 14

Lofoten is a beautiful island and it became popular only a few years ago so the nature still is very untouched. To discover more of the island I went for a hike. I can tell how it went but it’s better to just check the pictures below.

Day 123 | Friday July 15

In Berlin a few weeks ago I forgot my jacket at Jacob’ place. He send it to Lisa in Lynkoping (Sweden) but it arrived there too late. As I had no address for sure the coming weeks I didn’t know what to do with it. Luckily Lisa send me a message a few days ago that she would go to Lofoten for a few days so she could bring it! Perfect. She was staying with some friends about 100km from Laukvik in Ballstad so I drove there to pick it up.

On the way a tiny cable from the computer in the car broke. This was the same computer that had some problems earlier. I could still keep driving but I can’t see how many % battery I have left and charging is also not possible. I could still connect it with my hands to check the status but this had to be fixed.

On the way back I stopped at a few shops but they said it would be hard to find a plug like that. I kept driving and knew that I had to stop sometime soon because I couldn’t make it on one charge. At a parking for campers I tried to check the status but the screen didn’t turn on anymore. Panic. I called from from Electric Cars Europe. This is the company who made my car, not Detroit Electric which I mentioned earlier.

He told me I had to check the fuses. I had to remove some panels and find my way through a maze of wires before I found them and they appeared to be ok. This meant to cable powering the computer had no current anymore so I needed to power it from somewhere else. I thought I would never manage to do this but some Polish traveler had a 12V cable with them. First we tried to connect it from there car which didn’t work and eventually we managed to power it from the fusebox of my car. Now it was possible to charge it. The polish people invited me in their caravan for some fresh caught fish dinner, really nice people. I can even stay with them if I would come to Poland once.

When I had 45% left I had enough energy to reach Svolvaer, there was a type 2 station and was hoping to recharge so I had enough power to come home. Bad luck, the station was not working. At a hotel I could charge for a few hours and returned home at 3.30 in the morning. It was a really long day. Crazy thing that it was still light at this time as the sun doesn’t come down here at all.

Pictures of this day

Day 120 | Solving problems

Day 120 | Tuesday July 12

Last night I didn’t close an eye, I was afraid that something would be really wrong with the car and it would be hard to fix it. I still didn’t know what the problem was and how it needed to be solved. I had to keep driving today as I couldn’t communicate well here with the mechanic in Holland as the connection was bad. There is a trick to keep driving, it’s possible to turn off the car’s software by pulling out a cable from a computer. This way there is no emergency signal but also no information about the car. So I can’t see how many percent battery is left. You need to be careful with this because when the battery is totally empty it will get damaged.

I started driving and after the first ferry I re-connected the computer and surprisingly there was no emergency signal! Good stuff. I continued driving and when I stopped the car the emergency signal appeared again. Really weird. I figured out it had something to do with the computer and started fidgeting with the cables on the back. It worked, the signal stopped. I send a mail to Wim, the mechanic in Holland and he confirmed that it had something to do with the optical cable coming out of the back of the computer. Problem fixed for now.

I was on my way to a village near Bodø, I had someone who plugged me in but he didn’t reply to my mails or text messages yet. When I got there he still didn’t. I decided to drive to Bodø and make my plan from there. The city appeared to be very nice and cosy. It was surrounded by water and hills. I walked around and received a text message from the guy, he was on holiday in Denmark so he couldn’t help me. There were many hotels so I tried my luck at the first one I passed by. Just like 2 days ago it was no problem at all to offer me a room! This time I was staying at Scandic Havet, the hotel appeared to be one of the tallest buildings in Northen Norway and the tallest in Bodø. My room was on the 15th floor and had a view over the see and mountains. I feel blessed that I could stay in this wonderful place.

Yesterday I arrived in Bodø, I had someone here who invited me but he appeared to be on holiday. Didn't really know what…

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Soo this night I mainly enjoyed my room. Skyped with mom. Let all my friends know on whatsapp. Watched TV. Showered 2 times. That kind of things. It was good. Thank you Scandic! The receptionist was also a nice guy. He let me charge the car on the delivery spot and I had to move it when to normal charge spot was available. He would watch the camera to see when they would leave and give me a call if it was free. They didn’t leave though so he moved his own car. Great service.

At around 12 I saw the midnight sun for the first time in my life. It’s weird but mainly beautiful to witness.


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