Keynote Trailer: Holland to New Zealand by Electric Car

One Man. One Car. One Mission. Zero Emissions. 1222 days. 34 countries. 100,450km from Holland to New Zealand in an electric car. And 437 ways to pronounce my name. Powered by the human energy of hundreds of people I’ve met along the way. Enjoy this introduction for my upcoming Keynote talks. ⁣

Bubble Post

The environment is under pressure from thousands of tons of Co2 emitted by vehicles every day. Bubble Post aims to make logistic transportation 100% ecological. The company was founded in 2013 in Gent and is now delivering in 40 cities throughout Belgium and Netherlands. Currently they have 200 employees. The goods are delivered to warehouses at the outskirts of the city, where they are carefully sorted and bundled. Then the goods are delivered per bike, electric cars and electric vans.




StoneCycling makes construction materials from waste. They analyze different kinds of waste like construction or industrial waste, then look at the potential of the materials, then make new recipes from it and eventually make bricks from it in a comparable way as they make traditional bricks. The bricks comply to the same requirements as traditional ones.

I interviewed Ward Massa who is one of the co-founders of StoneCycling. Ward explained how the company was founded, what the company is about and what his vision on sustainability is.