The E-Trailer is an electric powered system that drives a caravan. This solves a lot of problems conventional caravans encounter. With the build-in E-trailer you can pull a caravan with every car, even small, light-weight and energy efficient cars. This way driving a caravan becomes safer, cheaper and easier. The E-trailer consists of two wheels with build-in electric motors, lightweight batteries with lithium-ion batteries and intelligent control system.



A PowerWindow is a fully transparent and colorless electricity-generating window. According to the desire of the customer the electrical efficiency, transparency and isolation values can be produced to fit a specific project. PowerWindows will enable users to be in close contact with the conversion of light into electricity while at home, at work or traveling.


Elemental Water Makers

Elemental Water Makers provides complete reverse osmosis systems driven by solar, wind and/or wave energy to enable affordable fresh water on-site. Their solutions solve fresh water scarcity, while only using the sea, sun, earth & wind.
Their office is based at Yes! Delft, a hub from the technical university where more sustainable companies can be found.

Sid Vollebregt is one of the founders of the company and told me how the idea was born, how their application works and shared his thought on sustainable topics.

Visit their website: www.elementalwatermakers.com