Day 103 | Leaving Oslo

Day 103 | Saturday June 25

Since a few weeks I had been in touch with Jeroen, a Dutchman living here in Norway, close to Lillehammer. He introduced me to the Norwegian EV association and gave me some more tips. Last week he asked me if I’m stopping by at his place but unfortunately I has to answer no as his lives out of the route. I invited him to go together to the presentation of the SP:01 for the general public, which was today. He was very enthusiastic about this so around 11 we met there.
Jeroen is a musician and plays the guitar. Together with a friend in Lofoten who is an photograph they made a DVD, Jeroen composing the music for the pictures his friend shot. He gave me a copy and you might hear is music one of my videos soon.
At the presentation there were also some electric motorbikes and Jeroen as an motorlover he took the opportunity to test one. When he got back after a few minutes his hair already unfolded he enjoyed it.

At the presentation I met 2 people who also had a plan to make a roadtrip with an electric car. They have this project called Toughtleader Global and want to travel all around Europe in 1 month to visit eco resorts. I thought they were here to present their plans and find some contacts but I was surprised to find out they already are starting this Wednesday! And they don’t have a car yet! Pretty amazing.
So they are doing videos along the way and wanted to interview me. I believe it will be aired in South African TV in a few months.

I rushed back to Oyvind’s place to get my stuff as I had to go to the next plugger. I thanked them for their hospitality and kindness, I stayed at their place 4 nights so I was very thankful.

My next hosts live in Skien but they were BBQ’ing in another place. I put the address in my navigation and when I was there I send them a text. When I told them where I was they didn’t know this place and asked me to put another adress in the GPS. We found out I was 65km away from them… Damn! I didn’t have enough power so it was necessary to stop in a tiny place.
Fortunately charging stations are everywhere here and with the key and RFID chips I received from, Vortum and Grønn I can charge nearly at every station.

The last days I had the feeling I loose range more easily and bumps felt less hard so I had the feeling the pressure of the tires was not right. I stopped at a gasstation to check it and actually this was the first time I had to do this myself. I didn’t completely understand how the thing works and was afraid to blow up the tires. In the gasstation were 3 guys sitting so I asked them if they could help. One of the guys drove an EV too and really liked my project. They explained me what to do, listened to my story and continued their way. A few minutes later they came back and offered me a huge pack of drinks. Pretty awesome guys!

Around 23.30 I arrived in Skien at Saskia’s place, a Dutchie. She lives here with her husband and child but they were already asleep. We had a short chat and because she waited for me a long time she was pretty tired so we plugged in the car and went to bed.