Day 119 | Problems in the middle of nowhere

Day 119 | Monday July 11

This night in the Fru Haugans Hotel did me really well, and the breakfast even more! A wide variety of Norwegian bread was waiting for me, perfect! I felt completely recharged this morning and the car was too.

I had a plugger 260km away from me in Glomfjord and I was not sure if I could make that especially because google maps told me it was a 5.5 hour drive. I contacted my possible host yesterday and asked him if it would be possible to stay there IF I would make it. In the morning I didn’t had a reply yet so I just started driving.

Driving in Northern Norway is so beautiful, I was amazed that it is so different from the southern part. It is really the country side and it feels a bit like driving through the Australian Outback. Next to the lake you will find many small cabins, lodges and piers. On the route I had to take 3 ferries, free for electric cars of course. On the second one I got recognized by someone, he had seen me on Facebook. This was the first time ever that I got recognized, starting to get a little bit famous 😉 It was just a short talk as we had to embark the ferry but on the third ferry I saw him again and showed him the car. He told me he was a salesman in electric cars so I was sure he was interested.

While waiting for the last ferry I received a call from my host, Vidar. He told me that he wanted to go to his parents in Brevik which was actually just 20 minutes passed the ferry. That was perfect for me as I was sure I could make that.

When I drove of the ferry some problems appeared. The car made a emergency signal and I couldn’t drive faster than 20km/h. I did not know where the problem came from, there was no sign on the dashboard. After I turned the car off a couple of times it seemed to be ok.
Right in front of the house of Vidar’s parents the problem re-appeared. I left the car on the street and introduced myself to the father of Vidar, a friendly man who explained about where the polar cirkel exactly was. Apparently I crossed the circle when I was on the ferry. His house was located on a hill with a view over the lake and mountains. I believe I have used this sentence a couple of times before but this was time it was really jaw-dropping. I took my camera and went for a walk over the shore.

Around 6 Vidar himself arrived, he is a 38 year old man who still enjoys coming here where he grow up. He works for a hydrogen water company and has a background as electrician. I was lucky with that because he knew a lot about electric cars. I showed him some specs and drawings from the car and he understood the most parts. I still don’t. Sadly we couldn’t find what the problem of the car was. I had to make some phone call with the mechanic in Holland. He thought it was a problem with the optical wires. Which is a big problem as the are in the battery pack and almost impossible to replace. To be continued…

Pictures of today