Day 117 | 800KM without energy

Day 117 | Saturday July 8

With a fairly big hangover I woke up in the Radisson Blu Hotel. Breakfast was included and it was one of the best I had so far. I enjoy buffets a lot and especially sweet sof and here they had it all. Croissants, pineapples, cakes, everything was well arranged.
Around 10 Geir picked me up at the hotel, looking a bit sleepy too. We went back to the Carpoint to pick up the car and say goodbye.

Today was the start of a mini-adventure. From Trondheim my next plugger is located in Glomfjord, about 800km farther away. With my range of 200km it will take 4 days to get there so I need to survive those days and night. No plan, no nothing. A few weeks ago I introduced the no-plan plan which turned out really well so I’m doing that again and hope it will turned out the same positive way as last time. The no-plan plan means I start driving and make a plan when I have 20% battery left. This is the first time this trip I have to cover a distance this big without anyone who offered me energy. This is not a downer for me, I believe it is really great that the last 4 months I managed to get from one plugger to another almost every day. I feel very blessed and actually looking forward to the next days as I am up for some adventure!

At 20% I did 180km which is really a lot and passed Snåsa. There was one hotel and I was hoping they could be at help. At the reception there was a friendly lady and she had to call her boss if it was okay for me to stay there. The boss didn’t agree with that but the lady just opened her own B&B last week and I could stay there! So amazing that it turned out so well. She called her boyfriend and let him now that I would come by.

I drove to the Bed and Breakfast which is called B&B Snåsa where Jarri welcomed me. The B&B was located on a hill with an view over a lake and mountains on the other side. They had just opened July first and have been working on it since last september when they bought and moved into this house. Jarri and Irena are originally from the Czech Republic. They are both from the same city but they met each other in Norway, what a small world. Together they have an 11 months old baby.
Jarri was impressed by my story and thought I would make it to Australia easy. He has been traveling around Europe by himself in 1998. He hitchhiked, worked for food & accommodation and saw how hospitable people are. He still enjoys travelling and works as a private tourist guide in the Snåsa area.

At night they invited me to have dinner with them. Like every other Norwegian they made fish. I started to get tired and felt like I needed some time for my own, my room even had a bath and it was a long time ago I had one so I filled it up and almost fell asleep.