Plastic Madonna

Plastic Madonna is an organization that aims to reduce the plastic soup and inform people about the polution in an engaging way. Recently they collected 100.000 PET bottles and showed these in a church in Amsterdam. Every 10 seconds there are 100.000 bottles going into our oceans. The bottles collected by Plastic Madonna will be recycled into 3D printer garnment and from this a plastic Madonna will be printed. This printer will be placed on the beach of Rio de Janeiro during the Olympics this year.

I interviewed Peter Smit about the organization and his vision on sustainability.


Vincent Everts

Vincent Everts is a trendwatcher, TV-host, gadgetfreak and most of all EV-enthusiast. In his Tesla Model S he invited people from the industry to talk about their business.
When I launched the website of Plug Me In back in June Vincent picked it up immideately and invited me in his Tesla. Back then the project was still a concept. When he heard that I was on my way he send me a text and invited me to come over for bed, bread and battery.

During this evening I asked Vincent about the future of electric cars and e-mobility, the new Tesla Model X and 3 and his vision on sustainability.


GEEF Cafe (literally translation: GIVE Cafe) is a restaurant/ lunchroom where you can pay-as-you-can. People with more money to spend can give a meal, coffee or tea to someone who has less.

The restaurant was founded by Judith Manshanden who’s been working on this concept for several years. It was hard to find the right people to believe in the concept and after having several tries she finally managed to get het own location right in the Jordaan, the cosiest neighborhood in Amsterdam.

Watch the interview to hear how she managed to start the restaurant, what she thinks about the term ‘sustainability’ and she gave me an interesting tast to take on with me during the journey.



StoneCycling makes construction materials from waste. They analyze different kinds of waste like construction or industrial waste, then look at the potential of the materials, then make new recipes from it and eventually make bricks from it in a comparable way as they make traditional bricks. The bricks comply to the same requirements as traditional ones.

I interviewed Ward Massa who is one of the co-founders of StoneCycling. Ward explained how the company was founded, what the company is about and what his vision on sustainability is.



Planq is a design studio founded by Anton en Dennis Teeuw. Planq’s designs are inspired by nature and environmentally consciously. They do that by using locally available resources.

I interviewed Anton en Dennis at The Set Company, where they have their workplace. In this interview they tell about how Planq was founded, what they are making and share their vision on sustainability.