Day 130 | Solving problems Pt. II

Day 130 | Friday July 22

As expected I didn’t had much sleep last night. Around 7 I was already wide awake and went for breakfast. The mechanic told me yesterday that he would be at the garage at 7.30 in the morning and would look at my car instantly. So I was desperately waiting for a phone call.

I had some other things to fix too. I needed to find that small plug for the car. I visited several PC-stores, electricians and car shops but they all looked at that plug like it was from another planet. At one PC-store they found a similar plug though in an old computer and I could have it. Hope this will fit into the machine.

Around 12 the mechanic from Alta Motor called “we still haven’t looked at your car but it’s next in line.” One hour later he said he wanted to pick me up at the hotel because I needed to have a look at it… The tension was rising.
At the garage they explained it was not a problem with the gearbox itself but something between that and the electric motor. They wanted to inspect it further but were not really comfortable with it because of course it’s electric and chance of electrocution. I called Wim in Holland and he explained me the process of turning off the power in the car. After this was done they felt more secure and could inspect it better.

A few hours later they came with the decisive answer: a loose bolt between the gearbox and the motor was the cause of the problem. And it was easy to fix!
About an hour later everything was put in place and the car was ready to go. I’m very grateful to the people at Alta Motor for their professional and quick help. While most mechanics were on holiday and with a waiting line from 4 weeks they managed to get the car ready to go in just a few hours! Excellent work!

Now I needed to find a place to stay tonight. A few days ago I was stating at Ove in Meistervik. He told me his brother in Alta could probably help me out so I send him a text to see if it was still possible. Apparently his brother was not there but his sister had a caravan where I could stay, perfect!

A bed was fixed, now some food. As I was happy that the car was driving again I wanted to take it for a test drive. It feels better then before the problem started, especially when starting and braking. I drove past hotel/restaurant Thon Vica and explained them my story. I could pick anything from the card and they had reindeer steak on the menu, as this is a local speciality I wanted to try this one. It actually tastes pretty good, more or less like a cow.

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