PlugInIndia Santacruz (E) Charge Point

We drive an EV.

Almost 4 years now. We have a spare apartment, & will try to arrange an all Mumbai EV users meet when you come.

We’ve been working with a community called PlugInInida and have been setting up charge points between major cities and you can even ride down to some scenic getaways we’ve earmarked for a break from your busy journey, if you wish.

Hope to see you. Do let us know your dates and other details well in advance so we can also plan to be home and the meet-up when you arrive.

Also we would love to do some videos with you when you arrive, if that is ok with you. We will upload them to our India wide community of EV users.

Warm Regards! Sincerely – Raphae from

NOTE: You can find our app which will give you all our India charge points here:

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