Electric car chargers available in the parking lot. I work at Impact Hub Stockholm and sent your call out to Filip from Sopk√∂ket and his friends. I’m currently working on my own startup company called Foodfx (currently being registered now). We are developing a mobile app that lets people purchase discounted food from local businesses that would otherwise go uneaten and get thrown away. Our aim is to act on the huge problem of food waste, to reduce both economic and environmental factors, and address the social pillar of sustainability by making food more accessible. I am currently in Dublin for the weekend but will be back in Uppsala on Monday morning. Feel free to come by! There are some wonderful logging forests where you can legally go berry picking surrounding Uppsala. I can also give you tips and contacts for people who go dumpster diving so you can stock up on lots of free food. Unfortunately we live in a very small student apartment with pets so can’t offer a bed but we can help you out with access to lots of charging points in the city!

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