Will be happy to meet and help. Not 100% about battery unless normal home plugin


Hoi. Ik zag je net op tv. Geweldig initiatief! Aanbod in overeg van tijdstip. Mijn huis is ca. 140km van Picton.


G’day Wiebbe
van harte welkom om hier op te laden en er is een bed en een maaltijd als je dat uit komt. goede afstand van Invercargill laat me maar weten
groetjes Paul

Dunedin s LoomRoom

Hi Wiebe, as you know I am in Germany/Austria but will arrange a tour of the LoomRoom and there is a charger outside Control Focus. Semi fast! I can arrange food as well and hope some people can find you a place to stay. The nice bar f the neighbour hood is the inch bar and my beer of choice is Emmersons. I can invite you to a meal at Zucchini Brothers, my favourite italian style restaurant or a pint at inch bar…
I hope you can meet my friends from Valley Community Workspace


Place to sleep, more like couch or floor to sleep on I’m afraid… (one bedroom home)


We’ve got loads of parking and some outdoor plugs if these might suit to charge the car (?).
We also have cats, a dog, sheep and cattle if you like animals!


Nice rural town, comfortable house with choice of two double bedrooms and own bathroom.
Typical crazy dutchie doing life on the cheap. Go for it.