How I used social media to travel the world and reach a mass audience

Without money but with the help of the crowd to the other side of the world

In 2016, I set myself an ambitious goal: to travel to the other side of the world without money and in an electric car. To reach Sydney, I asked people to "plug me in" with energy. On this website, people could select their location and offer me a meal, a place to sleep or power for the car.

I needed hundreds of people to get this far. Therefore, I had to make sure that I was visible online and in the media. I used social media to make sure people discovered me. That worked, almost 2,000 people from 45 countries plugged me in and I was able to go to many places. To find more help, I went to the media, sometimes in an unconventional way. All this attention made sure that after 1,119 days, 33 countries and 95,000 kilometres I reached my destination, and I did not spend a penny.

How does your organisation reach mass media?

In my presentation, I will use funny stories and real-life examples to tell you how I built a community, how I found people who offered me a place to stay, even in countries where they hardly spoke English, and how I reached millions of people through traditional media. At one point I even became a tabloid celebrity in Indonesia, and when I drove to the finish line in Sydney I had mobilised a convoy of 50 electric cars and this parade and arrival was filmed from a TV helicopter and broadcast live on national television.
Throughout the journey, more than 2,000 online articles were written about me, I was interviewed on the radio 150 times, appeared in newspapers hundreds of times and appeared regularly on TV. And I did all this without spending a single cent on marketing!

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Presentation info

Goal: inspire, motivate, transfer knowledge.
Duration: In consultation, 20 to 50 minutes.
Audience: Wiebe tunes his presentation to the level of his audience. From management teams & board to employees.
Visual material: breathtaking photos, interactive routes and film footage of his adventure.
Online and webinars: Wiebe has his own studio for online presentations with impact.

Global TV Coverage Overview Sydney Finish | Plug Me InGlobal TV Coverage Overview Sydney Finish | Plug Me In

Watch the overview of the massive media attention I received on arrival in Sydney.

Rosie Cotter
Sustainability Manager / DB Breweries - HEINEKEN NZ

DB Breweries/HEINEKEN was lucky to host Wiebe on the last leg of his around-the-world trip in New Zealand. Wiebe’s authentic, easy going style presentation style was well-received by our staff and his talk was both entertaining and informative. Our staff came away more informed about EVs and inspired to live a little more sustainably in their own lives.

Huub Peeperkorn
APAC Insights Lead / LinkedIn

Wiebe is an inspiring and enthusiastic speaker! The very same week he concluded his world tour in an electric vehicle, he took the time to come into the LinkedIn Sydney office to tell his story. He inspired many of my colleagues on the possibilities of EVs! I would highly recommend Wiebe as a public speaker.

Wendy van de Geijn

Visitors to Ecomobiel were very enthusiastic about Wiebe's presentation. Wiebe's journey is unique and so is his story. Wiebe inspires, makes people think and provides a comic note. After you have heard his story, you know that you can achieve your goals, even if they seem totally unattainable.

Marc Vermeer
Technical Manager / Rijkswaterstaat

What a beautiful story and presentation! Wiebe told us how he travelled through 34 countries with an electric car and without financial means. His journey was not an easy one, one with many obstacles and challenges. In an energetic and funny way he told his story. Especially his message about sustainability came across strongly, a theme we work on every day within our organisation. Wiebe met a lot of people and was able to share the purpose of his journey with the people met, which inspired and convinced a lot of people to start thinking more about sustainability. He also inspired our team. I would highly recommend him as a speaker!

Arianne Westerveel

On 24 October we organised a so-called pressure cooker session. With the business community, young people, government and education, to come up with smart solutions about the changes in education and the labour market in relation to the energy transition. In order to show how fast the world is changing and what is possible, we needed inspiration. We asked Wiebe for that. And this turned out to be great; the success of the day, for young and old. Afterwards, everyone wanted a photo with Wiebe and signature. Wiebe, your story inspires!

Richard Hovinga
Senior policy advisor sustainable mobility / Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

We really enjoyed Wiebe's stories about his bizarre trip to Australia in an electric car. It was very inspiring to hear him talk about the more than 95,000 kilometres and 33 countries of the longest journey ever in an electric car. With his down-to-earth humorous comments on the visual spectacle, Wiebe knows how to captivate to the end. You get the urge to travel and it helps almost therapeutically against "range anxiety" ?



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