Yes! The big news is out! I’ve finally got a car sponsored and now I can start my journey.

In January 2014 I started working on my dream to travel around the world with the help of others. It took me a while to came up with the right idea. In March ’14 I’ve had the concept of Plug Me In ready and then I started to work out the details. Finding partners, sponsors, creating the website etcetera. The big deal was to find an electric car. Quite expensive things and way out of my student budget so I had to find creative ways to get one. I talked to several car companies and most of them where interested but at the end the risk seemed too big or the plan didn’t fit their marketing campaigns.

In June this year I got in touch with Marcel Peters from Bundles. Bundles is a new way of washing. You don’t buy a washing machine but pay for the service. This way you save money, electricity and because the washing machines have an A-label it’s also more sustainable. I approached Marcel because I saw a good match in Bundles in terms of sustainability and asked him about the possibilities of sponsoring. Marcel was instantly very enthusiastic about the project. He told me that he owns a electric carĀ and might want to provide it to me when the time was right. I kept looking for alternatives, waited a long time and finally last week Marcel called: “Wiebe let’s do this!” he told me. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard it, probably the neighbors 3 blocks aways could hear me yelling.


The car is a converted VW Golf Variant. The back is loaded with batteries and the car has a range of 160km. This may not sound like a lot but for an electric car this is pretty decent. Most common cars you see now on the road make it till 130km.


Now that I have the car I can set the startdate and that will be March 15. So the next 3 months are going to be busy, very busy. I got most things sorted out but still need to make agreements, create a trailer and find some sponsors. For more info about that keep an eye on this website and my social media channels.

One last thing is that i want to express my gratitude to Marcel and the Bundles team for believing in this dream and that they want to join in on this adventure! It’s going to be one hell of a ride!

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