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Wiebe Wakker

June 16, 2016


Day 92 Tuesday June 14

Today I had two meetings, the first one at Plantagon. They are building a vertical greenhouse and it’s quite impressive. In 2050 about 80% of the world population is expected to live in the city, that’s why food production needs to be integrated into city infrastructure. They are planning to start building in Linkoping and the structure will be about 25 meters high. One side (which is facing south) will be the greenhouse, the other side an office. An extended review of this meeting will follow.

Later I had a meeting with Martin from Grona Bilister, an association founded already in 1994 which aims to make Swedish transport more friendly to the environment.

My hosts for today lived a bit outside of the city, in Boo. Again it where Dutchies, Tanja, Roy and their three children Noor, Auke and Mette. The kids are born here and they speak Swedish with each other, with their parents Dutch. It’s funny that their Dutch has a Swedish tongue. 
Their house was located on a hill with a view over the sea, probably one of the nicest houses I stayed so far. The house was just completed, the area here is rocky so to lay the foundation they exploded it with dynamite.

Roy works for Ericcson so that’s why they moved here in 2001. Tanja works here as a teacher. I went for a walk with Roy, at the shore he pointed at a huge mansion in the hills. From the size and looks I thought it would be from the owner of Ikea but apparently this is a home to refugees.

Day 93 Wednesday June 15

Exactly 3 months ago today I started this journey. So far I traveled 12.000km with my car, saw 9 countries and met I don’t know how many people. I enjoy every day, wherever I come people are nice and welcoming and luckily I still not encountered big problems. A couple of nights in the car doesn’t make you feel like driving home. At the moment I’m going towards the Northcape and from there to Russia. That’s where the adventure really starts.

Back to today. Whenever I’m in a capital or big city I try to do at least one day of sightseeing. Tanja gave me a card for public transport so I could get there easily. Stockholm is a beautiful city. It consists of many islands who all have their own style. In Kungsholmen I visited the City Hall, each year the award ceremony for the Nobel prize takes place here and many VIP’s from over the world fly in to see this. My favorite part is is Ostermalm, an area with Paris like buildings. Gamlastan is the island in the middle and the oldest part of the town. I stopped in almost every street to take a picture.