At around 8am my eyes opened because my ears heard noises coming from the cleaners broomsticks. My bed last night was the car’s front seat and normally I have a decent sleep in there. Last night was different. There where many noises in the carpark and people walking around who woke me up. I felt like a napkin. I moved the car outside as most of the employees where parking right next to me. I fell asleep again.

I went into Helsinborg. A funny sight was the hundreds of teenagers in white dresses and sailor hats. Apparently they just graduated and where on the way to a party, it’s a very traditional thing. Maria texted me that I could come by for pancakes and soup, an offer I can’t refuse. I also took a shower and I could take some pancakes with me for dinner.

For today I had a plugger who lives in Växjö, Maria laughed at me a lot when I pronounced that name. The right pronunciation is Wekskrow (I hope). My host there, Pieter, a Dutch guy said I could come by but he would arrive home late. Because it was a 200km drive I took my time and stopped in Ljunbgy for a charge. In Sweden they use to find charging stations. I found a free one which was located at a fast-food restaurant. It was a pole with two regular 220v sockets. One was used to charge a bouncing castle and with the other one I could charge the car.

It was a good decision to charge in between because later I would arrive in Växjö with just 7% left. Around 10pm I picked up Pieter from the train station. He is a professor at the University here and just has a dinner in Kalmar. He is a typical professor, a little bit nutty and messy. In his style but also his house. He was definitely friendly though. He has been living in Sweden for 15 years and doesn’t want to return home, maybe after he retired. He has one daughter who stays here a week and then goes to her mother. Pieter divorced a few years ago.

The problem was the charging of the car. Pieter lived in a community where no cars are allowed. First he thought to bring it to a car sharing pickup-spot but then came with another idea. Near his home was a parking space with a spot to wash the car. It had a vacuum cleaners. As it was late we thought no-one would clean it’s car anymore so we left it there for the night.

I was very tired from last nights endeavor so after a Heineken and some salami sticks I excused myself and went for a wintersleep.

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