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Wiebe Wakker

June 3, 2016


When I woke up in my private guest room in Strib Soren already had breakfast waiting for me. We said goodbye and the destination for today was Herstedøster, just 7km outside of Copenhagen. It was a 201km drive and to be sure that I will make it I did a pitstop in Ringsted. Lasse, the CEO of Greenow offered me a place to plug at his office. In the morning he send me an email that his daughter was born last night so he was not in the office but I could just go there to charge.

I charged for an hour and a half and did the remaining 45km to Herstedøster.

I was welcomed by Ida and Erik. Erik is Dutch and moved to Denmark a while ago and doesn’t want to return to Holland because he likes it to much. He has a technical background and works for an international company who is realizing a new signaling system for railroads in Denmark which is the new standard for Europe.

Ida is Danish and speaks Dutch too. She has a degree as zookeeper with a specialization in exotic animals. Because there is a huge oversupply in qualified people in this sector she couldn’t find a job. Ida started a two year Environment Technology study and works on a children’s book about sustainability, eco-systems, plants & animals in her spare time. She wants to make it special with a augmented reality app for more experience.

Erik is involved in a student exchange program called YFU and the last two weeks 15 students from the US and Singapore had been in Denmark to visit several sustainable energy projects. Erik invited them to come over when I was there so they could learn about electric cars and e-mobility. They where very interested in what I was doing and it was cool to meet these people. Now I also got some contacts in Singapore from when I’m there!

I reached Wim who is the mechanic of the car. I explained him the problems I had yesterday and told me that the button of the heater probably was turned on, which was right. So there was nog problem with the car, the noise was there because the heater was on, stupid me.

The group invited Erik and me to go out for dinner in Copenhagen. We went to the street food market. It’s and indoor market with food from all around the world. Indian, Mexican, Danish, American, Italian, they had everything. I choose for a “fatburger” which was a good choice.

The market was located next to the water, there was a bridge of which I thought it was closed but when I inspected it I saw there was a part in the middle missing. Apparently they ran out of money and now there are two ramps on both sides, they don’t know when it’s going to be finished. It’s a bridge to far for the Danish.

Erik drives an electric car too and has a wallbox installed at home. It was with a cable attached so I couldn’t charge my car with type 2 and used the regular plug on 16A. This would fully charge my car by the next morning.