Day 291 | Friday December 30

Another special day in Dubai, it’s my 30th birthday! It’s not the first time I celebrate my birthday away from home, in 2009 I did it in Australia. Not much time for celebrations though, I still needed to arrange my car insurance and for that I needed to drive back to Port Khalid in Sharjah where I arrived 2.5 weeks ago. It’s an hour and a half drive and when I got there I was surprised that there was not much activity going on as it was a vivid place before. I than realized it’s weekend… I can’t get used to the fact they have different weekends in Asia. 

So when I returned to the Sustainable City I lost the whole morning. Back home I read some nice birthday messages people left on my Facebook page and Whatsapp. My ‘flat mates’ Ben and Sophie from the EVRT noticed it was my birthday and got me some candles and pie. Chocolate pie! After dinner we went to a Belgium bar not far from TSC and celebrated. A nice birthday after all, the last time I celebrated away from home no-one knew it was my b-day at all. 

Day 292 | Saturday December 31

Good news! I’ve already had a permanent place to stay but now I got a permanent job as well! The guys from the Global EVRT wanted me to join their team in the period leading up to the event at the end of January. They saw I had experience with organizing events and of course that I have been making a road trip in an electric car. We both have so many similar goals that it has to be a match made in heaven. For me it’s also good as I can save some money for either the shipment or the very expensive trip through Thailand. Also it might sound a bit weird but only traveling becomes normal after some time that it gets a bit boring. So this job will be perfect for me in to many ways.
Today we mainly talked about the coming weeks, it’s going to be hectic 🙂

It happened to be the last day of the year today and Jan Willem (my first host in Dubai) invited me for a ‘party’. I didn’t want to show up with empty hands, my nice friends from my hometown Haarlem gave me some pocket money for my birthday so I decided to bring a carton of beers. Almost 30 euros for 12 beers, insane prices here!

At JW’s place we spend a while trying to make nice oliebollen, which succeeded at the end. The Palm is the perfect place to see the fireworks as you can see both the Marina, The Atlantis and downtown were you have the Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa. All places were you have the biggest fireworks. Amazing that I get to spend NYE in this crazy city!

Day 293 | Sunday January 1st 2017

It’s new years day, don’t expect a crazy adventurous travel story today, I’m in bed.

Day 294 | Monday January 2

Today was my first official working day. Big preparations for the Global EVRT. It’s not so interesting to talk about on the blog and as the coming period will be basically only work I will pause the blog for now.

I will post updates on my social media channels instead so be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I will be back with blogs AND videos when we get close to the event.


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