Day 290 | Thursday December 29

So I woke up in a boat. This catamaran is part of the Belevari Marine which is owned by my host Berend. In the morning Berend came by to meet me and brought me a big cup of fresh coffee. This was only the first nice thing he did for me this day. After he livestreamed a short interview about the car and Plug Me In on his Facebook page, he brought me to a restaurant were he offered me breakfast, not a small breakfast but a huge buffet with nothing missing was waiting for me. Than I could take a shower and refresh myself at a gym in another part of the marina.

When I was recharged he said “you’ve been traveling for a long time now, you probably didn’t have your teeth checked so we should see a dentist.” So we did, we drove through Abu Dhabi which was very cloudy in the morning and arrived at the practice of Dr. Firas. It was a surprise that the doctor already heard about me even before I arrived in the UAE. One of his dentists had a brother in Holland who told him about me.
Mr. Firas is a very modern dentist, he even uses snapchat to updates his fans about his life at the dentist and posted that I was there, very funny. So he offered me a free check-up and cleaning of my teeth. A dentist and 2 assistants (!) inspected my teeth and cleaned it were necessary, after 30 minutes I walked out the room with a glistering white smile 🙂 While that already was great Dr. Firas even ordered a lunch for me. So helpful the people here.

We went to Berend’s office and he told me about the projects he runs here. He is very interested in sustainability and finds it important that his projects contribute to a better environment. One of his businesses are the Eco Donut Boats, boats running on solar energy which you can sail down a river. When I come back to Abu Dhabi I will go for a restrun. Another project of his are self-sustaining floating water villa’s.

Berend thought I had to leave Abu Dhabi completely refreshed and offered me a haircut. I got the full treatment with short hair on the back and they trimmed my beard, Arabian style! I really left completely refreshed.
In the afternoon I drove back to Dubai to the sustainable city, enjoyed the meal of Dr. Firas and called it a day.




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