Day 239 | Tuesday November 8

The last week I got behind with a lot of work and as I was alone in the house and with a decent internet connection I catched up with that.

Day 240 | Wednesday November 9

A long day awaited me, I wanted to cover a distance of 300km so I set the alarm at 7 and left at 8. My host in Maku arranged that I could charge halfway down in Miyaneh. A friendly guy was waiting for me there and showed me around. It was not a big town but I can enjoy all the small streets and people walking here. We went to a bridge which was destroyed during WWII by the Persians to prevent the Russians coming in. Here in Iran family relationships are very important so whenever I come in touch with someone their nephews, cousins, aunts all come by to meet me.

Around 5 the car was charged 90% and I thought it was enough to do the remaining 150km to Zanjan. Many people warned me that it was dangerous to drive at night but now there was no other possibility. It happens a lot that policeman stop me, every time I think they wanted to see documents or check the car but in stead they shake hands with me, ask me where I from and let me continue. Everyone is very friendly here. Driving at night was not that scary, the route I’m taking was the old Silk Route and it’s still an important transport route. I drive behind trucks so I have an extra guard and nothing weird happened.

A new host was waiting for me, Saeit. 32 year old guy with wife and 2 children. He wanted me to park in his garage but the ramp was steep. I still have a trauma from when I hit a bump in Russia and thought it was better not to try it. His neighbor didn’t had a ramp so I parked my car there. A few hours later he rang the door and told that his socket was melting, ai. This didn’t happen before. We left the car their and made a connection with the cable over the street to the garage of Saeit. While getting farther away from Europe I have to do more McGyver tricks to charge the car.

All the family of Saeit came by, we had some fruit, drinks and food and went to bed early as I was dead tired.

Day 241 | Thursday November 10

Saeit showed me his university were he was working. I still don’t know exactly what kind of job he is doing there but I’m sure its interesting.

Next destination: Takestan. 140km from Zanjan and when I arrived there I had 40% battery left, a top 3 record, it was around 20 degrees and mostly flat roads. I was early in Zanjan and wanted to discover the town on my own. In stead of going to the center I drove and walked through the outskirts and attracted a lot of attention with my car. Kids drove to me with their bikes to say “hello, howww arrr you?” and took a lot of selfies with me. In another neighborhood some guys approached me, offering me chia and thea. All the people are so damn kind here.

In the afternoon I got in touch with Ali who arranged a place to stay here. He gave me the address of my new hosts and I started driving there. While driving there was a car who was horning at me all the time and blocking my way. I thought he was some crazy driver but Ali gave me a ring and told me his cousin was behind me. 


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