Day 217 | Monday October 17

Destination for today: Osmancik. Right in the middle of the city was a mountain, like really in the middle of the city. All the houses were build around it so from the top we had a beautiful 360° view. It’s a mountain with history, story goes that Trojan war hero Achilles is buried on this mountain.

We did a lot of practical stuff in Osmancik. Mom bought me some new pants and we fixed old ones. The service here is very good. They fix it within an hour and it looks like brand new.

Day 218 | Tuesday October 18

We are flexible as my mother flies back home on Thursday from Samsun and that’s only 170km from Osmancik. So we did a little detour to Amasya, we googled a bit and thought this might be a cool city. We used AirBNB this time and found a nice apartment. The owner mailed us that she lived on the 4th floor and charging might be a problem. It was not, I have 40 meters extension cable with me and we managed to connect the car from the street to the 4th floor, really hight voltage.

Amasya was completely different than the city we visited yesterday and the day before. It’s interesting how it can change so fast. Amasya is an old city with many mosques and narrow streets. Nice to walk through. We eat a lot in Turkey. They have a lot of dishes with meat and bread. For my mother it’s hard to find a good meal as she is vegetarian. I like meat and bread so for me it’s heaven but not good for the belly.

Day 219 | Wednesday October 19

Just before five in the morning I woke up for my weekly radio call, you can listen it back here (in Dutch). I have to confess that sometimes I’m a bit sleepy during the radio interviews which doesn’t really improve the level of conversation, this time I was awake and we had a good talk.

We reached Samsun, unfortunately ‘our’ final destination, luckily we had one more full day together. This time we checked in at a Hilton Hotel close to the airport. Not a bad way to end. Samsun is a big city on the Black Sea and capital of the region with the same name. 565.000 people live here which makes it the biggest city on the Black Sea and it’s harbor is the most important one on the coast.

We decided to walk around the beach. The beach was very polluted by plastic bottles and other garbage. A problem in Turkey is that they don’t have clean water from the tap. Having that and a deposit on PET-bottles will solve a lot of problems.

In Samsun everything is huge: the squares, the apartments and the statues. Mom was very impressed by the opera but as I passed it by too quick I couldn’t see it. We didn’t feel really comfortable in this big buzzing city so decided to go back to the hotel and have our Last Supper there, on the way back though we passed a cute little restaurant which suited us more. Tonight I have to bring mom to the airport and than our holiday is over…


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