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Wiebe Wakker

March 18, 2016




A night with not much sleep, I worked till 3AM on my video. At 4AM Radio 1 called me for an update.
I said goodbye to Frank and his family and drove to Rotterdam. First stop was at the Better Future Factory, they use 3D printing for social and sustainable goals. They print prostheses for children and in Peru they make loom for locals. Later I went to Kromkommer. They collect vegetables with weird shapes which can’t be sold in supermarkets. From these vegetables they make soup. Their aim is not to make money but to stop existing after a while when all the weird vegetables are used again.

My plugger that day was Iris. I met her while I travelled through Australia in 2009. She invited me to come over at her apartment in the center of Rotterdam. She cooked a traditional Dutch dish and later she showed me the ‘De Witte Aap’ bar, according to the Lonely Planet this is the best bar in the world.


Check my video-update from this day: