Day 142 | Wednesday August 3

Today started with a meeting at the city of Tampere, they had a project called ‘Eco 2’. It was a big strategic project which had to achieve the 2025 climate goals: to cut the greenhouse gas emissions by 40%. The project covered various themes like mobility, sustainable energy and sustainable construction. They worked closely together with external sources to gain information. A full report will be online later.

From Tampere it was a 160km drive to Turku, which was my next stop. I’ve could have make that easily if it wasn’t that I missed the exit by a kilometer of 20… So when I found out I needed to do 10km to the next exit and then 30km back, so I lost 60 kilometers. At a supermarket I checked an app and saw that there was a charger in Aura which I could make with the range I had left. When my navigation told me I was at the charger I was seriously in the middle of nowhere and had 4% battery left. I walked around until I found a farm were some people were working. It was no problem to charge the car there for a bit. They were very interested in all the aspects of the car, I had to open the hood and trunk and they inspected it all. It was the firs time that they saw an electric car.

After a short period I had enough power to reach Aura, unfortunately the charger didn’t work with my car but there was a supermarket with open plugs so I charged there for 3 hours and then headed to Turku.

A few weeks ago Alba added me on Facebook and invited me to come over. I saw she was a creative person so was interested in what she’s doing. She does a singer / songwriter study and of course sings a lot. While I was at her place she opened her phone a couple of times and started singing through a live stream on Facebook, pretty funny. She had a friend over who also was an musician and together they were making Korean music. In a few weeks there is a Chinese festival here and they thought some people might be interested in buying their music.

Alba lives right in the middle of the city so we couldn’t charge the car at home. Luckily Turku has many public chargers. The evening we spend drinking beers and listening to music in a park. 

Pictures of today

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