Day 141 | Tuesday August 2

In Finland the weather can change quickly, yesterday it was around 25 degrees and deep blue sky, today I woke up the sound of thunder.

Goal for today: Kangasala, close to Tampere, one of the biggest cities in Finland. A 210 kilometer drive which I couldn’t make on one charge. My host Michel had a friend in a town under the smoke of Tampere so he called him if I could charge there. He seemed interested in this project so it was oke to go there. He told Michel that he was at work till 6 o’clock so he couldn’t meet me but his wife was there to receive me.

When I got there around 3 and ranged the bell I was surprised that he opened the door. He left his job earlier just to meet me, cool stuff. Marcus, originally from Amsterdam, had been living in Finland since 1998. He met his Finish wife who worked at the embassy in The Hague. Together they got 3 daughters which where about the same age as the 3 sons of Michel. Marcus used to work for Nokia, the infamous Finish mobile phone maker who are nearly dead. He now does the same work for another big international company, designing electrical parts. I joined them for lunch and had homemade blueberry pie as desert, that was already the third time I had that. It seems like it’s part of the daily routine here and if you ask me it should be introduced everywhere.

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Posted by Plug Me In on Mittwoch, 3. August 2016

Then on to the final destination, Kangasala. There was bit of miscommunication, my host entered his address on the map and left a note that this place was still under construction but I could sleep there or at his current house. I forgot that and drove to his under construction house. I didn’t had enough battery to drive to his house but luckily he had an open CEE-red 16A socket so within 30 minutes I had enough to reach his house. My host was Jarkko, a Fin who lives here with his wife, daughter and son. He told me that the house he is building is supposed to be near zero emission.

Jarkko works as an programmer and seems to be very interested in all kinds of technology. He has some gadget in his house which I had never seen before. He was cooking chicken in a pan with some kind of device which keeps it continuously on the same temperature. He doesn’t drive an electric car yet but is very interested in the technology and developments. Sometimes he has to go to Estonia or Sweden for work and than rents a Tesla to get around and he already pre-ordered the Model 3, he is a wise man.

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