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Wiebe Wakker

August 1, 2016


Day 139 | Sunday July 31

Last night I had one of the best sleeps. After the sauna and some beers I slept like a rose.

In a few weeks I’m going to Russia and this is the first country which asks for a visa. This means I need money to get one so my idea was to exchange goods for other goods until I have enough to sell it for money and get that visa which is around 70 euros. In my car I have some stuff which I never use and can give away. I showed it to them but there was nothing which was really at use. They do wanted to support me and gave me a generous amount of €25 and a tool to pick berries! So nice! In Germany I received €5 from someone so I have 30 euros in total now which makes the half of my visa. When I left they also provided me with a bag full of noodles, bananas, nuts and more.

I thanked them for their hospitality and nice stories and around 1pm I left. I had no plugger down south which was in reach today so I drove to Kokkolo, which was halfway Ilmajoki were I needed to be the day after.
As I had no pluggers there I decided to test the hospitality of Finland. I walked into the first hotel I could find, Finlandia Hotel Seurahoune. A nice classic hotel founded in 1894. I told my story to the receptionist at the hotel and she could offer me a room, breakfast included! So far Finland has been treating me well.

I tried to use my time in the hotel effective and wrote a blog, searched for sustainable companies to visit and finished a new movie about the GEEF Cafe, have a look at it below and let me know what you think of it!

I am still looking for interesting companies, projects, events or initiatives who are active on sustainability and might be interesting for me to visit during my stay here in Finland. If you know any please use this form to tell me about it.


Pictures of today