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Wiebe Wakker

July 31, 2016


Day 138 | Saturday July 30

Quick flashback to yesterday, I mentioned that I was offered a little tour through Oulu but we didn’t go as there was not much to see. So apparently Teemu’s mother-in-law read this, called and told him we absolutely needed to drive around. So we did. The ride itself was very pleasant, Teemu drives this big fat Mustung GT something which he imported from the US. 300 horsepowers! Everything shaket though, one of the downsides of ICE cars ;)

I have to admit that Teemu was kind of right. Not to say that Oulu is not a nice town, it has it’s charm and feels cosy but it’s missing some highlights like architecture, parks or something like that. There was a festival were The Prodigy was playing, that was a highlight even though I didn’t see them.

So back to today. I went for a run, need to keep my mind and body fixated. When I got back Heli already made a big breakfast. Today I was planning to go to Ylivieska, I had an host there and contacted them a few days ago. When I wanted to leave I found out that they didn’t reply on my mails so I quickly needed to find another place to stay. Luckily I’m well covered in Finland.
I contacted Tony in Pyhäjärvi, he quickly responded that it was ok to come by today. 

It was a 180km drive which is never sure if I can make that but the weather was perfect (+20 degrees) and the roads mainly flat so I got there with 7% left. My navigation didn’t find his house number, later he explained that the number means how many kilometers the house is located from the main road. So for example ‘Churchstreet 400’ means the house is 400 meters from the start, if it’s an one-way road.

The house was in the middle of a forrest and they use it for summer holiday’s, christmas and new years parties. Located right on a like and one of the most beautiful places I had the opportunity to stay. So as it’s their summer resort they stay there with the whole family. Toni with his girlfriend Vanessa, the parents and his brother Niko with his wife who I didn’t met unfortunately. Their grandparents are staying at a house next door. Oh yeah and a dog. Think that feels crowded? It definitely doesn’t because there is a huge forrest and a lake where you can jump in to. And we did that. They read on the blog that I didn’t take a sauna yet in Finland and they had to change that quickly. They had a separate sauna building next to their house. I never was a big sauna fan as I found them to hot and steamy mostly but this one was pretty good. Nice temperature and they put some tastes in the water to let it smell like eucalyptus and freshly baked bread.

After the sauna we took a dive in the lake, which was nicely 20 degrees, then we went into the hottub and repeated this process a couple of times. Accompanied with the unlimited beers they offered me, this was a damn refreshing experience!


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