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Wiebe Wakker

July 26, 2016


Day 132 | Sunday July 24

On the edge of the North Cape I woke up. When I opened my tent I had an amazing view over a sea of clouds and enjoyed this sight for a while. Andrei, the hitchhiker who I met yesterday wanted to go to a camping 20 kilometers from the Cape and I offered him a ride. I still was doubting what to do. My car was charged only till 40% so I couldn’t get that far, especially in this parts as it’s very mountainous.

I dropped of Andrei and next to the camping was a Scandic hotel, I stayed at them earlier in Bodo. After 2 nights of camping and no shower I could use some comfort (I feel a bit spoiled to say this, my friend Andrei had no shower for a week) and tried my luck at the hotel. They were enthusiastic like always but were fully booked. Luckily there was a room with a broken shower (coincidence?) and I could take that one. I was happy to take it and took an ice cold shower, which felt pretty good!  Thank you Scandic Nordkapp

I worked a lot today, wrote my blog, prepared a press-release with Meltwater and send some emails. I didn’t had breakfast or lunch today and because the hotel already offered me a room and breakfast I didn’t want to ask them for a dinner so I boiled a soup with my gas ring in the bathroom. I had some canned soup left which I got from Karin in Heverlee in the second week of this trip.

Day 133 | Monday July 25

I was woken up by the alarm at 10 o’clock, shit! I though I set it at 8 but probably pressed the wrong button. The breakfast was till 10 so I rushed there to get one.

For today I had not really a plan yet. My goal now is to reach Helsinki and I don’t have much pluggers yet in the northern and middle parts of Finland. So I just started driving south. At 20% I reached Lakselv were they had a public 220v charger. With the Smart Charge app from Meshcrafts I found out they had a Type 2 charger in Karasjok and that was about 70 kilometers away. When I had 50% I started driving there. 50% could be enough to drive 70 kilometers but there were some mountains and I quickly lost range. When I was 20km from Karasjok away I had only 8% and had to look for an alternative. The road was long and deserted but at 3% I passed an house. I saw that there were people at home, knocked on the door and asked them for a plug. It were 2 young guys from Lithuania, really nice guys and it was ok to charge. When I told them my story they even offered me to come for dinner with them. They were working in this house as carpenters and stayed here in the house for a few weeks until it’s finished. They are 2 brothers from 25 & 27 who both have a wife and children. The oldest brother Mantas just had his first child just 4 weeks ago and saw him only 1 time. With the money they earn here they supply their families back home. Everyday the people I met are so different and the stories they share unique. I learned a lot so far.

Now I had enough power to reach Karasjok. I was charged with food too so I just needed a place to stay. At camping Karacamp they were willing to offer me a camping place and I could power the remaining of the car at the toilet unit! Great stuff.

Pictures of today