Day 124 | Saturday July 16

After a very short night there were some problems to fix. The car was now fixed in a primitive way and continuing like this is definitely not an option. Luckily Rob knows everything about electricity so I stranded at the right place. He inspected the car and found a solution to power the computer with a cable from the fusebox in the front of the car. I can now charge and check the status of the car without problems. For now everything seemed fine.

Around 4 the car was fully charged and continued my way. Rob en Threes of the Polarlightcenter had taken care of me very well and gave me some tips about sustainable projects to visit on the way. My next plugger is located in Tromso, more then 400km away which was out of reach. On the map I found Evenskjer, almost halfway down and they had a hotel so this was my best option. This time they couldn’t help me as the owner was not there but fortunately there was a campsite down the road, the Tjeldsundbrua Camping, who could support me. They offered me a place to put my tent on and electricity for the car. This was the first time I would use the tent this trip. Under very heavy rain I managed to put it up and with the rain falling on the roof I felt asleep immediately.


Day 125 | Sunday July 17

I didn’t set an alarm and I woke up at 10.45! Slept more than 13 hours. Hungry as I was I warmed up a soup which I got from Kromkommer in the first week of this trip. I found out it was a few weeks out of date but ey, need to survive here! I found out that the camping was located on a river and almost under a bridge, Tjeldsundbrua, which is also the name of the camping. Stupid that I didn’t figure that out yesterday.

Tromso still was out of reach and wanted to get to Bardufoss today. When I passed Setermoen I had not enough range to make it and charged there for a couple of hours. It was already late in the afternoon.

When I got to Bardufoss I had 30% battery left. I could continue but I was not sure if there would a town or city within the range and from here it was 150km to Tromso so I would easily make that tomorrow. So I decided to find a place to stay here.
I found an hotel called the Bardufoss Hotel, the receptionist had to make a few phone calls and was happy to tell me that she could offer me a room! Also they served dinner here and I was very happy with that as the last time I had a decent meal was lunch yesterday.

Remember I visited Bjorn Nyland aka TeslaBjorn in Oslo? He was very interested in my car and the journey and interviewed me about that. Last night he published the video on his channel, watch it here:

Plug me in unique Volkswagen Golf EVPlug me in unique Volkswagen Golf EV


Pictures of today

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