Day 121 | Wednesday July 13

At 6 o’clock I set the alarm as today I wanted to take the ferry from Bodø to Lofoten. It left at 10 but at The Scandic Havet Hotel they tipped me that it would be wise to park in the line very early as it’s a popular line. At 7 I parked my car in front of the line and went back to the hotel for breakfast.

The Scandic Havet Hotel was awarded with one of the best breakfasts in Scandinavia. And this appeared to be very true. They had a huge variety of french bread, coffees, cheeses, cakes etc. Perfect!

At 10 I took the boat the the other side, a 3 hour ride and the longest so far. When I got of the ferry I did not know exactly were to go so I looked for a free wifi place to look up the address. A hitchhiker came to me and appeared to be Dutch. He needed to go in the same direction as me so we shared the ride. He traveled all the way from Holland to here by foot and with the help of other people, nice guy.

At dinnertime I arrived at my hosts, Threes and Rob. Two Dutchies who own the Polarlightcenter in Laukvik on the north side of Austvågøya, the most northern island of the Lofoten. In this center they explain you everything about the Northern Lights, a beautiful phenomenon which can be seen from this area. Rob has a room full of electronic devices, oldschool printers, recorders and I don’t know what to see if there is any polar activity. The polar light (auroras) are produced when there is a disturbance on the sun. When this happens Rob can read this on his devices and now knows that 1 to 4 days later there will be northern light, if it was send to the right direction. An interesting wonder of nature which I unfortunately couldn’t see because it’s light here all day but definitely a reason to come back for.

Day 122 | Thursday July 14

Lofoten is a beautiful island and it became popular only a few years ago so the nature still is very untouched. To discover more of the island I went for a hike. I can tell how it went but it’s better to just check the pictures below.

Day 123 | Friday July 15

In Berlin a few weeks ago I forgot my jacket at Jacob’ place. He send it to Lisa in Lynkoping (Sweden) but it arrived there too late. As I had no address for sure the coming weeks I didn’t know what to do with it. Luckily Lisa send me a message a few days ago that she would go to Lofoten for a few days so she could bring it! Perfect. She was staying with some friends about 100km from Laukvik in Ballstad so I drove there to pick it up.

On the way a tiny cable from the computer in the car broke. This was the same computer that had some problems earlier. I could still keep driving but I can’t see how many % battery I have left and charging is also not possible. I could still connect it with my hands to check the status but this had to be fixed.

On the way back I stopped at a few shops but they said it would be hard to find a plug like that. I kept driving and knew that I had to stop sometime soon because I couldn’t make it on one charge. At a parking for campers I tried to check the status but the screen didn’t turn on anymore. Panic. I called from from Electric Cars Europe. This is the company who made my car, not Detroit Electric which I mentioned earlier.

He told me I had to check the fuses. I had to remove some panels and find my way through a maze of wires before I found them and they appeared to be ok. This meant to cable powering the computer had no current anymore so I needed to power it from somewhere else. I thought I would never manage to do this but some Polish traveler had a 12V cable with them. First we tried to connect it from there car which didn’t work and eventually we managed to power it from the fusebox of my car. Now it was possible to charge it. The polish people invited me in their caravan for some fresh caught fish dinner, really nice people. I can even stay with them if I would come to Poland once.

When I had 45% left I had enough energy to reach Svolvaer, there was a type 2 station and was hoping to recharge so I had enough power to come home. Bad luck, the station was not working. At a hotel I could charge for a few hours and returned home at 3.30 in the morning. It was a really long day. Crazy thing that it was still light at this time as the sun doesn’t come down here at all.

Pictures of this day

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