Day 120 | Tuesday July 12

Last night I didn’t close an eye, I was afraid that something would be really wrong with the car and it would be hard to fix it. I still didn’t know what the problem was and how it needed to be solved. I had to keep driving today as I couldn’t communicate well here with the mechanic in Holland as the connection was bad. There is a trick to keep driving, it’s possible to turn off the car’s software by pulling out a cable from a computer. This way there is no emergency signal but also no information about the car. So I can’t see how many percent battery is left. You need to be careful with this because when the battery is totally empty it will get damaged.

I started driving and after the first ferry I re-connected the computer and surprisingly there was no emergency signal! Good stuff. I continued driving and when I stopped the car the emergency signal appeared again. Really weird. I figured out it had something to do with the computer and started fidgeting with the cables on the back. It worked, the signal stopped. I send a mail to Wim, the mechanic in Holland and he confirmed that it had something to do with the optical cable coming out of the back of the computer. Problem fixed for now.

I was on my way to a village near Bodø, I had someone who plugged me in but he didn’t reply to my mails or text messages yet. When I got there he still didn’t. I decided to drive to Bodø and make my plan from there. The city appeared to be very nice and cosy. It was surrounded by water and hills. I walked around and received a text message from the guy, he was on holiday in Denmark so he couldn’t help me. There were many hotels so I tried my luck at the first one I passed by. Just like 2 days ago it was no problem at all to offer me a room! This time I was staying at Scandic Havet, the hotel appeared to be one of the tallest buildings in Northen Norway and the tallest in Bodø. My room was on the 15th floor and had a view over the see and mountains. I feel blessed that I could stay in this wonderful place.

Soo this night I mainly enjoyed my room. Skyped with mom. Let all my friends know on whatsapp. Watched TV. Showered 2 times. That kind of things. It was good. Thank you Scandic! The receptionist was also a nice guy. He let me charge the car on the delivery spot and I had to move it when to normal charge spot was available. He would watch the camera to see when they would leave and give me a call if it was free. They didn’t leave though so he moved his own car. Great service.

At around 12 I saw the midnight sun for the first time in my life. It’s weird but mainly beautiful to witness.


Pictures of today

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