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Wiebe Wakker

July 12, 2016


Day 118 | Sunday July 10

My host Jarri has many jobs. He works as a tour guide, runs this B&B where I stayed, is a father and works on a few farms. He helps farmers while they are away. We walked to one of these farms nearby. It was a funny sight to see him in his big boots carrying his baby in a harnas while feeding cows. In Holland we got many cows but I realized that this was the first time that I got really close to them. They are a bit afraid when you approach them but when you stay calm and relaxed they come to inspect you, and start licking your pants.

When we finished feeding the cows we crawled under the fence and unfortunately by pants teared out. Now I got just 2 jeans left but I’m sure I can fix theme somewhere.

Jarri invited me to stay for another night and watch the Euro final tonight, a tempting offer but as I travelled through Norway slowly and still have to do a long way I decided to keep going. I am very grateful to Irena and Jarri that they where so welcoming and took care of me! I hope there new B&B Snåsa will get the succes it deserves.

I continued my way and didn’t know where I would end up today as I was still on the no-plan plan. I passed the Nord-Norge mark, the sign which is the ‘border’ to the North Norway province. When I had 20% battery left I passed a tiny village called Trofors. Quickly I found a normal charge point which I could open with the key I received from After a while a man came to me and said it was not allowed to charge here so I had to move somewhere else. At a gasstation nearby I could continue. As the village was really tiny and a bigger city was just 40 kilometers away I decided to go there.


Around 8pm I got to Mosjøen, a city surrounded by mountains. As my experience yesterday with the B&B was so good I decided to try my luck at a hotel. Fru Haugans Hotel was the first one I saw and I walked in there and asked the receptionist if they could plug me in. He made a phone call with his boss and they were ok with it! So great that everyone is so eager to help me. The hotel was very modern and cosy and the room they gave me had everything I needed, including free wi-fi and a huge television.

The final of the Euro was at 9 and in the bar were some people watching it so I joined them. Finals of championships are mostly boring because both teams play very safe but this one was way beyond boring. It was so bad that I finished this blog already in the first half. I was supporting France as I don’t feel much for Portugal, especially after that terrible semi-final in 2004. Still I felt bad for Ronaldo when he got injured, a dedicated sportsman like him deserved to play the full game.

So congrats to Portugal but it was a good decision from Holland to skip this tournament as the quality of the games was low this year. That’s why we only do world cups ;)

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