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Wiebe Wakker

March 16, 2016



Today was the day! I’ve been thinking about this day for 2 years now, and as always it’s never what you expect. In the morning a technician from Radio 1 came over. She set up a live-link with the studio from where the presenter interviewed me about my plans. You can re-listen the interview here (from the 18:15 mark).
After that I had to rush to Houten where to kick-off would start at 11am. I arrived at 10:45 and first we had to fix the car a bit. We removed the backseat for more space and gave the software an update (that’s one of the advantages of an electric car).

At 11 the first guest came in. I invited sponsors, friends, familie and people who where involved in the project the last months. I explained my plans for the coming months, thanked people for their help and said everyone goodbye, a weird moment. Then Ruben waved the flag and I set off for the long journey.

The first stop was at Frank’s place in Monster (Netherlands) in Westland. He invited me and left a message: “I got some avocado powder for you to take on your journey.” I got interested so he was the first one I wanted to visit. Frank was involved in numerous sustainable projects in the area. With a friend he builds a boat with a whale-like driven mechanism powered on solar energy.

Later he and his familie cooked for me and we talked a lot about his journey. He and his wife made a road and train trip from Holland to Australia. A very interesting journey especially because I’m going through a few countries where he has been so he shared a lot of information.

I feel good about this day. I was nervous during the kick-off and visiting the first pluggers was exciting as well. Looking forward to the coming days, weeks and months!

From 4pm you can check the first video-update on the YouTube channel.