My partner in crime

The Blue Bandit, my Volkswagen Golf Variant, took me from the Netherlands to the other side of the world. In 2009, it was converted from an ordinary gasoline car into an electric powerhouse by two forward-thinking energy companies to test V2G technology, all before electric cars became a common sight on the roads.

The journey of the Blue Bandit took an unexpected turn when an employee, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, decided to start Bundles and took one of these modified vehicles with him. With a big heart for sustainability and seeing opportunities, Bundles decided to support me on my epic journey, and the car was later known as the ‘Blue Bandit’.

And so the Blue Bandit became not just my travel companion but also a symbol of sustainable mobility and innovation. Together, we traversed everything from metropoles to unbeaten paths, making the Blue Bandit more than a car: a story of adventure, perseverance and the power of connection.

Electric Adventurer

Who needs high-tech features when you’ve got charm?

  • 160 KM/h

  • 13,8 SEC

  • 200 KM

  • 37 KW/h

The Blue Bandit on your event

The legendary ‘Blue Bandit’, the converted electric Volkswagen Golf on which I made my world tour, is now exclusively available for exhibition at your event.

Let your guests experience a piece of this adventure up close!