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Wiebe Wakker

May 27, 2016



For the first time this trip I arrived in a country where I haven’t been before: Denmark! (Oke I went to San Marino for 20 minutes but that doesn’t really count) I always wanted to visit Scandinavia but never had the chance, now I’m doing all four countries!

But first a short note about day 72 and 73. Tuesday evening I got a bit sick and Wednesday I stayed in bed most of the day. It was probably because of the hectic weeks I had before and my body gave a signal that I had to slow down. Thursday I felt better and worked all day at the Fairhaus, I managed to do 90% of the work I still had to do and now I feel a bit more calm as I can look forward instead of keeping up with unfinished business everyday.

This morning I said goodbye to Stephan & Uta. I stayed for 5 nights at their place and so far I have never stayed at the same location more then 3 days. Uta & Stephan took really good care of me, everyday they made delicious food, showed me around and they would let me do my work when I felt like. I’m very thankful of their kindness!


Before I drove to Denmark I did a quick stop in Ringsberg where Hanno had his garage, he is the guy from the old Barkas V901. A few days earlier I did a stop there with Stephan in his Zoe and of course Hanno was really interested in my ca so I drove there to show it to him. I told him everything what I knew about the Golf and he was impressed by what was on the inside.

Then to Denmark, it was just a 70KM drive to Rødekro where Henrik plugged me in. On a Danish Facebook page about electric cars someone posted about my project and that’s how he found me. He lives in a quite town surrounded by huge fields and lives in a big house with a wallbox installed for the Zoe he drives. Because my car has a reversed Type 2 plug I can’t use wallboxes with cables attached so the car is now charging on the schuko cable, which is no problem as I’m staying here for the night and it will be fully charged by tomorrow morning.

Henrik is a cool guy, a real man. He likes to play football and last night he went to a match of his favorite team and still had a hangover. He works as a guard in a prison, drinks beer and made me a barbecue with big piles of meat. His work in the prison changed him though, sometimes he has a hard time to trust people because of the experiences he had. He teached me how to ride to airboard, it’s this mini segway without a wheel thing which you have probably seen somewhere lately. In the beginning it feels very unstable and I pushed my toes hard to go forward. The trick is to not force the board but think about where you want to go and you get the drill quick.

At around 8.30PM Henrik had to leave to work, he has a nightshift and I’m finishing off some work. Tomorrow morning when he will return home and I’m leaving we will probably cross each other.