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Wiebe Wakker

February 21, 2016


On Valentine’s day, February the 14th I received the 100th offer of energy. A milestone. I didn’t expect it would happen this fast and I’m very happy with everyone who’s offered energy so far. At this moment (February 21) a staggering amount of 136 people already offered food, a place to sleep or energy for the car.

A breakdown off the energy I received. 


Food: 110 offers
Places to sleep: 97 offers
Chargepoints: 115 offers


Netherlands: 34
Belgium: 7
France: 5
Italy: 10
Austria: 12
Switzerland: 3
Germany: 28
Denmark: 3
Sweden: 5
England: 1
Greece: 1
Iraq: 1
Hungary: 1
Romanya: 1
Slovakia: 1
Bulgaria: 1
Portugal: 1
Mongolia: 1
Spain: 1
Thailand: 2
Australia: 22

That’s 21 countries in total!

It’s a lot but I’m still looking for more spots. The car has a range of 200km so even in countries where already energy is offered I can use more place to recharge my batteries.

If you can you offer me energy, please…