74 | To Denmark!


For the first time this trip I arrived in a country where I haven’t been before: Denmark! (Oke I went to San Marino for 20 minutes but that doesn’t really count) I always wanted to visit Scandinavia but never had the chance, now I’m doing all four countries!

But first a short note about day 72 and 73. Tuesday evening I got a bit sick and Wednesday I stayed in bed most of the day. It was probably because of the hectic weeks I had before and my body gave a signal that I had to slow down. Thursday I felt better and worked all day at the Fairhaus, I managed to do 90% of the work I still had to do and now I feel a bit more calm as I can look forward instead of keeping up with unfinished business everyday.

This morning I said goodbye to Stephan & Uta. I stayed for 5 nights at their place and so far I have never stayed at the same location more then 3 days. Uta & Stephan took really good care of me, everyday they made delicious food, showed me around and they would let me do my work when I felt like. I’m very thankful of their kindness!


Utah & Stephan own the Janbeck’s Fairhouse in Germany near the Baltic sea. It’s an impressive hotel and most…

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Before I drove to Denmark I did a quick stop in Ringsberg where Hanno had his garage, he is the guy from the old Barkas V901. A few days earlier I did a stop there with Stephan in his Zoe and of course Hanno was really interested in my ca so I drove there to show it to him. I told him everything what I knew about the Golf and he was impressed by what was on the inside.

Then to Denmark, it was just a 70KM drive to Rødekro where Henrik plugged me in. On a Danish Facebook page about electric cars someone posted about my project and that’s how he found me. He lives in a quite town surrounded by huge fields and lives in a big house with a wallbox installed for the Zoe he drives. Because my car has a reversed Type 2 plug I can’t use wallboxes with cables attached so the car is now charging on the schuko cable, which is no problem as I’m staying here for the night and it will be fully charged by tomorrow morning.

Henrik is a cool guy, a real man. He likes to play football and last night he went to a match of his favorite team and still had a hangover. He works as a guard in a prison, drinks beer and made me a barbecue with big piles of meat. His work in the prison changed him though, sometimes he has a hard time to trust people because of the experiences he had. He teached me how to ride to airboard, it’s this mini segway without a wheel thing which you have probably seen somewhere lately. In the beginning it feels very unstable and I pushed my toes hard to go forward. The trick is to not force the board but think about where you want to go and you get the drill quick.

At around 8.30PM Henrik had to leave to work, he has a nightshift and I’m finishing off some work. Tomorrow morning when he will return home and I’m leaving we will probably cross each other.


Janbeck*s FAIRhaus

Janbeck’s Fairhouse is a sustainable accommodation in Gelting, Germany near the Baltic sea and the Danish border. It is owned by Uta & Stephan Janbeck. In 2002 they bought this old farm with the goal to make a sustainable hotel.

Energy, heat, water and food are the most important things when it comes to housing. When they started this project in 2002 they already tried to make all those aspects as sustainable as possible. And it was a big challenge as it was an old farm with poor isolation.


They produce energy with 110M2 solar panels and 20M2 solar thermal collectors. They have a big battery of 42KWh to store energy where 21KWh is used effectively to not damage the battery. An intelligent energy system makes a balance of when to give back energy to the grid and when to take energy from it. Last year the Fairhouse needed 25.336KWh. With the solar panels they produce 13.000 KWh annually, 27.000KWh is produced by the two heat and power plants. In total 41.080 KWh was produced last year. 20.000 KWh was provided back to the grid and they only took 4.838 KWh from it, which is quite impressive considering the size of the accommodation.

The Fairhause’s car fleet consists of three electric cars: a Zoe, a Think City and what they call the ‘E-Wolf’: an converted Fiat Panda. The cars can be charged with type 2, CEE 32A and 16A on 43KWh max and is free for customers.


The water in the Fairhouse has four life cycles, fresh from the shower is collected into a drain where the solid water is naturally cleaned by wastewater treatment plants and becoming liquid. The liquid water then goes to a wetland where it slowly drops into the ground and as it goes through sand and plants it gets clean to the level of bathing water. The 2nd lifecycle is used to flush the toilets, the third for the washing machine and the fourth and final lifecycle for gardening. It takes two years for the solid water to get a clean, the cycle of liquid water only a day. This way around 50% of the water is reused. Sometimes water from the regular system is used as back-up, last year it was not necessary, in 2014 only one week.


The food served at breakfast is organic and locally produced. The owner Uta makes her own jams and bread. The breakfast is well portioned and rather refilled on request instead of thrown away. Plastic won’t be found as they only use glass bottles which are re-used. Coffee waste is used as a barrier to keep snails away from the garden.

Recycling/ Upcycling

The many necessities used throughout the apartments are recycled or upcycled. Old towels are recycled to bathmaths, old sheets to roll bags.

Janbeck’s Fairhouse has been very interesting for me as this was really the first time that I saw that it’s possible to reduce the carbon footprint to nearby 0. I thought it was hard for a normal house but for a accommodation of this size I couldn’t even imagine being it this impressive. It really is an eyeopener and a great example of how sustainability in the recreation sector can be applied.

Day 70 | Crazy cars in Gelting


Stephan, one of the owners of Janbeck’s Fairhaus let me drive in his Zoe. It was my first experience in this car and it was wat you expect from an EV: silent and fast. I drove to a garage a couple of miles further. Not to fix anything but to meet Hanno, the owner of the garage and apparently a huge EV-lover, I would soon find out. In his carpark where 8 Mitsubishi I-Mievs, some old ones with 45.000km on the meter and also some fairly new ones with just 80KM and a fair price too.

Hanno apparently was also a contestant in the Wave Trophy and wanted to show me something. He has been converting his own car to fully electric and not an average car, the Barkas V 901/2 (I had to look to this up on WikiPedia as I know nothing about cars but I was kind of impressed by this one). It was just like it came out of the movies. Nicely refurbished and all with many details from the 50’s still in tact. He even made the old fuel gage indicating the level of the battery. From the Zoe I made some nice shots from it while driving and you will see this later in the weekly video update.

With Stephan I drove back to the Fairhouse and changed car and co-pilot. With Uta I drove to a school nearby. The Wave Trophy is starting soon and this year 5000 schoolkids made drawings with a message about what they want to change in the world. All these drawings are collected and at the finish of the Wave they well hand these over at the UN Headquarter in Bern. Uta came by to see how things are progressing at her school. Every contestant needs to collect these messages and give the children info about the race and sustainability.

Then we drove the harbor where we met Stephan again and had some fish & chips. On the way back I let Stephan drive my car and he enjoyed it. At first he found it hard to believe that my Type 2 plug on the car had a female connector as a standard plug has male one (nerd fact).

Back home I cleaned the car. The last time I did this thoroughly was in Switzerland so it needed some refreshment. I took everything out, cleaned it and reorganized the car. Later we would have dinner at a local restaurant. If I have the choice about what to eat I always choose a speciality from the country. This time I went for Schnitzel, damn good choice.
Uta and Stephan are taking really good care of me, I can stay here even one more night longer in this huge apartment and catch up with some work!

Day 69 | To the Fairhaus


We woke up at around 10 in the morning. Slept like 12 hours, pretty damn good.
My mother left around 1 because she had to drive back 5 hours to Haarlem. I could stay in the apartment for a few more hours and I wrote the last blog and started editing the Berlin video.

Speaking of video, I changed my “vloging” updates a bit. After doing this for two months I’ve found out that it’s just not really my thing. I always enjoyed making and editing movies but being in front of the camera is not what I like to do most. I believe I can express myself better with text and besides that it takes a huge amount of time to edit, render and upload the videos and with the other tasks I have to do it’s hard to keep up with. So from now on I will post a blog daily and it will be easier to follow me realtime. I will keep doing video but it will be on weekly basis and and in a different format.

Back to Hamburg. I left this city at around 5pm. I had to rearrange the car as my mother brought 4 new boxes of Doppers, I took 4 with me in the beginning but they didn’t fit all. As I’m going only farther away from home this was the last change to take them with me.

My next plugger was Uta in Gelting, a tiny place near the Baltic sea and the Danish border. Uta is the owner of Janbeck’s Fairhaus, she wrote me that she makes delicious cake’s so I couldn’t resist going there. Also she had been following me for a long time and I knew she was involved in the Wave Trophy as many people who I visited earlier mentioned here name.
Gelting was 160KM from Hamburg and it was a nice drive to this place, beautifully rustic. The Fairhaus is located next to a field and Uta and her husband Stephan where already waiting for me. It was around 7pm. That they care about the environment was clear from the beginning, they had a Zoë, a Think City (Danish e-car which I had never seen before) and they have this thing called the E-Wolf. They told me it’s a great car and they are going it to show me later.

Uta showed me my room, it was huge appartement and I thought I would share this with other people but I came to found out this is all mine! It really is the biggest place where I have stayed so far. Pretty luxurious too. It got a main bedroom and even another room with 2 single beds, enough to put my ego on.

Because Im going to stay here two nights it was not necessary to charge the car immediately and Stephan thought it would be better to do it tomorrow, as we could charge the car 100% on solar energy. The house has many sustainable aspects and they are going to tell me everything about that tomorrow.